I am grateful for the opportunity to witness a solar eclipse today. We made pinhole camera viewing apparatus last night, and they worked well. The dimming of the light, the change in shadows, and the drop in temperature were all mind blowing. I could see my breath, which I did not expect. So cool!

I am grateful for sea anemones in tidal pools. There was a once in a lifetime astronomical event going on, but that's what hadFarley's attention, and those things are mind blowing, too.

I am grateful for an afternoon out of the house. We went to the library and then to a park, where Coop and I read and Farley ran off steam until he joined us. I am also grateful for a quick sushi snack before heading home.

I am grateful for homemade pizza consumed in the backyard.

I am grateful for some quiet time in the quiet studio this evening.

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