I am grateful for a day that I was able to spend mostly in bed, nursing my achilles. I knew it was giving me trouble yesterday morning, but I decided to go ahead with plans that wouldn’t be good for it knowing I’d pay the price later, and that’s what I did, or more accurately, what Julie did today.

I am grateful for a stupid movie on Netflix that redeemed itself to a solid 2 out of 5 stars at the end with a twist. It was gunning for a 1 out of 5 before the last 15 minutes.

I am grateful for a deal on a used data projector. The backyard movie was so fun last night we thought it’d be fun to do that too, and I snapped one up. I am also very much looking forward to Halloween. Not sure just what I’ll be projecting on the house, but it WILL be spooky!.

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