I am grateful for Farley, who frequently thinks he’s hungry when he’s actually tired. When he’s hungry he asks for something to eat, when he does that I often give him a banana. This is why it’s not at all unusual to see him sleeping while holding a half eaten piece of banana.

I am grateful for some time spent with just Farley and I. while Cooper was attending a birthday party. We went to Goldtream park. It was nice there.

I am grateful Coop and Farley are (most of the time) good buddies who like to play and have fun together.

I am grateful for shaving cream. I recently discovered that kids  really enjoy playing with it in the bath. 

I am grateful for fibreglass and epoxy resin. I learned a new skill today, and that’s using it to repair a crappy old canoe. What a material! It’s as easy as papier mâché, but you can use it to repair boats and make things that will last decades. I bet it would be hard to do it really professionally, but banging out a crappy job to keep a near worthless canoe afloat is as easy as pie.

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