I am grateful for a few days of less grid. I’ve switched back to the dumb phone for a while.

I am grateful for a fun trip to Vancouver. We went to fisherman’s wharf in Steveston, saw the East Van Panto (which was terrific), hung out with my in-laws, and made lots of plans that didn’t quite happen; but what the heck can you do, sometimes that’s how it goes. All in all, a good and safe trip.

I am grateful to have had coffee today with someone I loved once, a long time ago, that I haven’t seen for 24 years. This isn’t something I am accustomed to doing. It was great to reconnect.

I am grateful for new glasses. With this one pair of glasses, I can see things that are near, and also see things that are far. The world is a place full of wonder and amazement!

I am grateful for every delicious thing Julie makes this time of year.

I am grateful for Coop’s Cub meeting tonight. It came together really nicely and it was as enjoyable as always to watch those guys problem solve and have fun.

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