I am grateful for the home office lifestyle. I’m trying it out for a bit; it’s an adjustment. If it doesn’t work, I’ll change it, but today it was nice to work with the garage door open, to make my own lunch in my own kitchen, and to tidy up and run the dishes more conveniently through the day.

I am grateful for friends over for dinner, people we’ve known from Cooper and Farley’s daycare for years and years. We’ve attended many of the same birthday parties and crossed paths while dropping off and picking up many times, but this was the first, and long overdue time we’ve intentionally socialized. They’re good folk, with great kids, and I’m grateful to know them.

I am grateful for eating outside, where it’s okay for a kid to get up in the middle of dinner, leave their half eaten plate, grab a fistful of cheezies and eat them while smiling, barefoot in a kiddie pool. “Whatever floats your boat, man. Pass the potatoes, please.” That’s what I say.

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