I am grateful for a Visiting Artists lecture I attended at Opus Art Supplies today. The artist, Lisa Samphire, works in glass which was not something I knew much about, she was interesting and engaging, but the best part was that giving the talk didn’t seem like something I couldn’t do, which is good, because I am meant to give one too, on June 23.

I am grateful that my folks joined me on that, then bought me lunch afterwards. Nice having them around.

I am grateful for a walk to Summit Park this afternoon with Julie and the kiddos. Snowdrops are out in full force, and while there aren’t any blooms yet, the daffodils are up and appear to be ready to burst at any moment. It hasn’t been a terrible winter, but I always like the signs of spring that lead to summer.

I am grateful for a screening of the Tintin movie with the boys tonight. I remember liking it more than I thought I would when I saw it the first time many years ago, and it was even better than I remembered tonight. I’d forgotten it was directed by Spielberg. Fine movie, that.

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