I am grateful for productive moments on the laptop a few times today.

I am grateful for a talk at the Opus Art Store Visiting Artist series this afternoon.

I am grateful for an excursion to take the boys to a bike park today. We were joined by a friend and her daughter, and they folllowed us back to our house where I fed everyone spaghetti and meatballs. After that we got out markers and paint and origami paper and we all went to town on some projects. I had a small canvas and water mixable oil paints, and I felt a lot more like I was getting the knack for them today.

I am grateful for time spent reading Roald Dahl to Cooper today.

I am grateful for the many styles of hugs from Farley. A favourite right now is the floppy armed 8 second school hug, which he doesn’t just save for school days anymore.

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