Gratitude – action packed sunday, reno progress, work groove.

I am grateful for an action packed Sunday. Grandparents had the kids for the morning and lunch, then we picked them up and went straight to a birthday party, and wrapped it all up with dinner at Pizza Prima Strada with the grandies in the evening. Prima Strada is the best pizza I think I’ve had anywere, period. The whole day was pretty swell, albeit exhausting, but man, that pizza was pretty cussing great.

I am grateful for more progress on the reno. Things are starting to get cleaner now. Most of the rubble piles in the front and back yard are gone. The space downstairs has been swept out, because most of the dusty stuff (aside from drywalling, but that’s later) is done. It’s nice to see these milestones occur.

I am grateful for a renewed sense of passion for my work lately. Biz has picked up, which is nice, and I’ve found myself a bit more excited about getting into the coding and business processes lately. This is good, I was in a bit of a clock-watching funk there for a while. It was more stress than boredom induced clock-watching, but either way, it feels similarly unpleasant. It’s a nice groove to be in right now, so I’m going to try to ride that wave as long as I can.

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