Gratitude – snowdrops, biking, self employment, TV


I am grateful for snowdrops we found coming up on an obscure corner of our backyard that is too often overlooked.

I am grateful for bike riding. There was a hiatus there, but I am back at it and it feels great, particularly in the morning when Coop is riding beside me on his strider bike and Farley is sitting in his seat behind me.

I am grateful for new business opportunities. Being my own boss has lots of advantages. Lots of disadvantages too. There are things to enjoy about the twisty up and down road it has become. I never know what new opportunities might come from my efforts, but they present themselves frequently enough that it makes self employment a rewarding and exciting experience at times.

I am grateful for an hour of TV after the kids are in bed and lunches are made, even if it is while I distractedly thumb type a blog post.

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