Gratitude – Coop at the dentist, work, help from folks


I am grateful for a successful trip to the dentist with Coop this morning, complete with an earlier start in the morning, and Farley on my lap for the whole appointment. There were no cavities, and it could have gone haywire, but it did not.

I am grateful for a lengthy uninterrupted time at my desk today. I’ve got a full hopper, but I am making my way through.

I am grateful to my folks, who were nice enough to come to my house, make it look nice, and left dinner ready in the fridge after they left. Who does that? Will I do that for my kids when they are parents? Maybe, maybe not. Doesn’t matter right now. With a renovation underway, two working parents and two young boys, and typically no folks in town, we’ll take whatever help we can get, and I’ll be grateful for it.

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