Gratitude – Coop biking, kids outside, nice weather, Mr. Tubbs


I am grateful for the honour that is watching Coop learn to ride a bike. Today we biked along the Galloping Goose bike trail, after tootling around the paved compound at his school along the way. He’s picking it up awfully fast; faster than I remember learning, way back when.

I am grateful to have had nice weather here for the last while; playing with kids outside is so much better than being inside.

I am grateful for Mr. Tubbs Ice Cream Parlour, which served as the destination for my bike ride with Coop this morning. They’ve got ice cream and hot dogs, and a fantastic selection of antique arcade games; the kind that give tickets that you can later exchange for crappy toys. I saw only one game with a video screen; and it was out of order. We had a lot of fun there, whacking alligators, playing skeeball, and spending all of Coop’s allowance today.

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