Gratitude: Date night, more daylight, Beavers on the beach at night.

I am grateful for a fantastic date last night. We went to Zambri’s, a fancy pants Italian restaurant I’d heartily recommend if you are in town. The kids were with their grandparents. It was a fabulous meal, and we made no other plans for the night and did not rush it. Usually, I think the limited opportunities for child free time mean we try to pack it all in; last night reminded me how nice it is to slow it all down instead.

I am grateful for the daylight, even though it was rainy today it’s still apparent that dawn is coming earlier, and sunset is coming later.

I am grateful for a walk with the Beavers on the beach in the dark tonight. It’s nice out there at Cadboro Bay, even in the dark, and the only thing more fun for those kids than looking for rocks and seashells is looking for rocks and seashells with flashlights.

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