Gratitude day 41


I am grateful for the trees in the backyard, and elsewhere in my neighbourhood out my back window. They are pretty, especially in the light of the late day when the sun just starts thinking about sinking below the horizon for the night

I am grateful for the internet, and this blog in particular. I can do
whatever I please here, like this whole gratitude exercise. Originally I was thinking I’d do it for 40 days, but here I am on day 41. Not quite ready to stop yet.

I am grateful for a fairly low key weekend with my family. I’ve been trying to stay off of my injured leg, and it’s been mending. It’s been nice to take it easy and just hang out with the 3 dearest people in my world. On that note, I am also (as always) grateful for my spouse, who has been understanding about my desire to lie around, off my feet, particularly when kids need to get ready for bed.

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