Gratitude day 48

I am grateful for mushrooms. They class up the joint, and they were delicious in the omelettes I made for breakfast this morning.

I am grateful for progress on a few home projects. That and the realization that if I can just wrap a few of them up, I will be much less stressed out.

And I am grateful for my health, mental and physical. Today, I learned about several ordeals a friend has been through over the past few months. Family issues and depression leading to near-cardiac arrests, laparoscopic heart surgery, and post traumatic stress. It’s sobering. He’s of similar age and build to me, he’s a father, and he’s had several events over the past while that were too close to his mortality for comfort. On that note, I am grateful for his health too, there have been near misses, but he’s still with us, and working towards getting better. Heavy stuff.

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