Gratitude day 51


I am grateful for the Mexican House of Spice on Douglas Street and the nice lady therein. I was waiting for a ride and realized I had time to walk in. I asked if they had tomatillo salsa in a jar. They didn’t, but she did have encouraging words, a recipe, and tomatillos. Tonight was taco night at our house, and let me tell you, there was freshly made tomatillo salsa!

I am grateful for my new-to-me scrappy bike! I made it from leftover bike bits and a few new parts. It will be great to have a non-cargo bike to put on the car rack when having kid passengers isn’t anticipated. It was a lot of fun figuring out how all that stuff works and how it’s put together.

I am grateful for my spouse, who was kind enough to see how much fun I was having putting together said bike, and left me to do that while she was putting away leftovers and making lunches for the kids.

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