Gratitude day 55

I am grateful we’re making progress on clearing out the basement before an impending renovation down there. Holy smokin’ Toledo! I wish stuff management was easier for us. I am also grateful that I’m in the property I feel is my final destination. I am amazed at the things I thought I’d better hold on to until I had a house to put them in. Guess what! I have the house now, but I still don’t really want the things. Nice to know I can turf them now, but I wish I had the wisdom to turf them a year or decade or however long ago. If I had, apartment living might have been a bit more comfortable.

I am grateful for the quiet in my household after the boys go to bed. I am grateful for any quiet that comes before that too, but it’s pretty scarce around here these days.

I am grateful for the 9 years and counting of service from this old laptop I’m typing this blog post on. It’s not good for much other than word processing and internet surfing, but for those things, it’s a champ. While it isn’t the fastest machine in the house, it has the clackiest, most satisfying keys to type on, hands down.

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