Gratitude day 61

Today I am grateful for 57 years of service from our hot water tank. I’m amazed at how happy I am it failed today. Here’s the thing: it was the best possible scenario. It started leaking, but I happened to be in the basement probably within about 20-45 minutes of it starting. There was about of gallon of water on the floor, where last week, many of my possessions were located in cardboard boxes before we moved them to make way for construction. No damage occurred, but that would not have been the case last week. Even better, we’d already decided and planned on its imminent replacement. In fact, it was set to be moved temporarily tomorrow, because right now it sits where the door to the downstairs suite will be. Unreal!

I am grateful for a familiar crowd of families at a birthday party for a 4 year old we attended this morning. It’s great to have a 5 and 2 year old, both who have “old” friends.

I grateful for the unplanned event of having Farley fall asleep on me while I was reading him stories before bed today. He was pretty tuckered out! Speaking of tuckered out, so am I. Goodnight, interwebs.

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