Gratitude day 63

I’m grateful I work my own hours. This means if suddenly, out of nowhere, my knee tenses up like crazy again I can pack up, go home, stretch and apply ice in bed doing my best to plug away with a laptop.

I am grateful for Julie, who brought me lunch and did her best to make me feel better this afternoon. Luckily I have this blog, because if I didn’t she might never know it. I’m a cussing cusshole when I’m in a grumpy mood like this one.

I am grateful for Coop’s kindergarten teacher. We had our first parent teacher interviews today and she seems like just the kind of person I’d like to take care of my kid’s first year of public education. This is good for many reasons, not the least of which is I don’t know how much choice we’d have if she wasn’t. Coop is doing great right now, and I think that’s thanks in no small part to his teacher’s skill, effort, and her connection with him.

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