Gratitude day 68

I am grateful for honest work. One of the things I am qualified to do to help the trades with our renovation project is to dig a ditch from the house to the water meter, 30 feet or so long, 1 foot wide and 2 feet deep. I think ditch digging with a shovel might lose it’s lustre if it were my 9-5 job, but for an hour or two on the weekend or the odd weekend, it’s kinda fun. It’s not like it cuts into my time at the gym.

I am grateful for the Royal BC Museum. It’s a great place for a kid to run around on a weekend, when the family has a pass. I remember doing the same at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary when I was a kid, it’s fun to see Coop and Farl get to know the Royal BC Museum in the same kind of way my brother and I found all the nooks and crannies at the Glenbow.

I am grateful that I can set the date an entry shows up in WordPress, so if I miss a day, I can just make an entry for yesterday, and if anyone’s the wiser, I don’t really mind anyway.

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