Gratitude day 71

Today I am grateful for a few extra hours to get stuff done at the office, in which time I actually did get stuff done. A few sites I’ve programmed have recently launched. Wanna check them out? Sure you do! Oculus Design and International Water Guard.

I’m grateful I got home in time to see the boys before bed. It just doesn’t feel right when I don’t.

I am grateful for this world of possibilities. I watched a TED talk recently given by Anthony Robbins (of all people) that resonated with me. He talked about the human need for certainty. We need to know where our next meal is coming from, we need to know we’ll have a roof over our heads. But he also said if we had nothing but certainty, we’d get bored. Which is why we also have a need for uncertainty. Go figure, but it’s true. I do like living in this world where I am fairly certain everything is going to be alright, but also where anything is possible, and anything might happen next.

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