Gratitude day 74

I am grateful for my piano. For music in general. Learning how to play a new instrument specifically. Mastery feels best when you haven’t yet mastered it, but instead are able to feel a bit better at it when you stand up after playing then when you sat down to start.

I am grateful for a visit from a client from Vancouver, taking time out of her family’s schedule to meet face to face after completing two projects with me where we’ve only ever communicated by email or phone. Side note, if you ever need a smart and agile marketing guru, get in touch with Ivana at Mint Marketing Works, and dig that finely programmed website when you do.

And I am grateful for Farley, who sleeps soundly now but spent much of the day running at top speed in, out, and around the house wearing nothing but a cape, underwear, and rubber boots. What more do you need?

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