Gratitude day 80

I am grateful for an uneventful road trip to San Diego from Anaheim today. There is a stomach bug going around our crew, and I was feeling a little queasy at the start. Perhaps it was psychosomatic, or perhaps the Gravol worked. Either way, I am glad nothing happened.

I am grateful for these swell little cottages we are staying in, right on the beach. They are a little rustic, and remind me an RV without wheels, but this is a delightful way to camp.

I am grateful for a meal prepared and eaten by us. Eating at restaurants is fun, but less so with little kids and it gets monotonous after a few days. A steak, salad, grilled peppers, and tomales (from a guy selling them on the boardwalk) made for a fine dinner. Sitting on a patio by a beach with that and a few beers is a great way to spend a warm evening, all while kids made friends with other kids and raced around in an endurance game of tag.

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