Gratitude day 81


I am grateful for a lazy day by the beach. We’re in San Diego. There’s lots to do, and also, there’s nothing to do. Both are great options; but we opted for the nothing to do option, save for a bit of shopping and several trips to swim in the waves.

I am grateful for Cooper, who, when he was figuring out body surfing asked me, “Papa, will you put my a$$ here?”

I asked him, “What? What are you talking about?”

“Put my a$$ here.”

“How do you know that word?” (knowing full well he’s heard me say it a gazillion times)

“After I’m dead. Put my ash here, okay?”

Halloween brought up the topic of tombstones, and then cremation. I guess he figured this was as good a place as any. And he’s right.

I am grateful again for bicycles. Simple, beautiful machines that they are. Cheap, too. There’s lots of renting options, but I found a second hand one for $60, and the guy said he’d buy it back for $20 when I go. I am now the proud owner of the bike we’ve named “Rustbucket”

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