Gratitude day 84

I am grateful for charcoal briquettes. So much more like a real fire than propane, and better tasting BBQ cuisine, like the salmon fillet, potatoes, and red peppers we dined on tonight.

I am grateful for water just warm enough to swim in all day at the beach here. It’s about the same temperature as Elk lake in the summertime, which is the one you see when you drive to Victoria from the Ferry Terminal. In the ocean it’s even better, and especially when it’s November.

I’m grateful that I’m not grateful to be coming home soon. Usually by now in a vacation I’m ready to come home. This time I am not. I’m choosing to see that as a reflection of what a great vacation this is, and not what my normal life is like, and I think that’s supported by a quiet longing to get back into the thick of things when I return.

And, today of all days, I am grateful for the service of our military, particularly in the past and the service of my grandfathers and great grandfather. More so, I am grateful for the peaceful existence I’ve been privileged to live, and for the fact I’ve never known any armed conflict. That’s not the case for many people alive today or in the past. That’s just plain dumb luck, being born in the right part of the world at the right time. I wish everyone could live like that, and I think any cause that works for peace is probably a good one.

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