Gratitude day 98

I am grateful for simple tasks that allow for a sense of accomplishment. This morning, there was a wall to the area under the stairs.


And now, there is no wall.


In the time between those two photos, there was lots of sledgehammering, hauling of rubble, digging of dirt, and hauling of rubble and dirt and more digging. Now, there’s storage space under the stairs for whomever rents out basement suite, and it will be even nicer when it has flooring and finished walls.

I am grateful my kids are asleep, with no fuss and no muss tonight.

I am grateful we hired the guys that we did to do the reno. We still have a long way to go before its done, but near as I can tell, they really like what they do, and they work hard. They take the time to do a job well, think it through, and do it right the first time.

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