Gratitude – decisions

I am grateful Farley calmed down. I’m on my own with the boys tonight; Julie is working. He had a great day at daycare, but since laying eyes on me (and NOT his MAMA) when I came to pick him up, he was less than enthused and was vocal in his dissatisfaction. Not sure why it changed. Perhaps it was the egg nog ice cream for dessert, or maybe the extended Australian rules tickle fight with me and his brother. One way or another, after a good long while we were pals again.

I’m grateful we’ve put a few big decisions behind us on the reno. Cabinets: check! Flooring: check! Front door: check! The thing about decisions is they are hard to make, and even harder when they aren’t cheap, and harder still when you are making them with another stakeholder, and even more is at stake when the other stakeholder is your spouse.

I am grateful for quiet hours at my desk puzzling my way through the programming I do for a living. It takes my mind off of everything else when I am in that zone. The escape I find in the absorption of the task at hand can be sublime.

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