Gratitude – folks, victory, and sleep

I am grateful for my folks, who spoil us rotten. Thursdays are usually tricky, after work we pick up both kids and get home around 5:20 if we’re doing really well, and then at least one parent is out the door with at least one kid at 5:45 so Coop can be at Beavers at 6:00. Today the folks picked up fish and chips, as well as Coop, so we all met at home much earlier with a delicious dinner ready to go. Score!

I am grateful for all programming victories. I put aside some time to just fool around with the Google Maps API, WordPress and ajax calls. It’s really fun when you have an idea and can just make it work.

I am grateful for an early bedtime. We
Have a big few days ahead, it’s nice to think there’s a good chance of a good night’s sleep right now.

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