Gratitude – free speech and a fully opening bathroom door.

I am grateful for most of a full day at work. I’ve got a number of projects spinning up, I am looking forward to getting my teeth into them.

I am grateful for a big change in our house today. We swapped the locations of the sink and toilet in our bathroom. Today, for the first time since it was built in 1957, we can open the bathroom door all the way. Before, the door would open about 60 degrees or so before it bumped into the toilet. NO MORE.

Lastly, I am grateful I live in a time and place where I enjoy free speech and a free press. Events in Paris today jarred my sense that I can take these things for granted. It hurts to see those rights compromised, and to see violence and death occur in reaction to the expression of words and pictures. It does, however, make me keenly aware of how valuable and important those freedoms are.

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