Gratitude – Friday

I am grateful for a project launched today that started back in the spring of 2014. It started and stopped a few times in there, so I wasn’t working on it the whole time, but it’s nice to see it through.

I am grateful for family fun night. Tonight it was my pick. All 4 of us walked to a Chinese restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while, had dinner, walked back, and watched an episode of Star Trek. We were worried about the kids and the walk – it’s not that far but far enough that it was a concern, but it was great. We made good time, and on the way Farley remarked that it was a fun walk, and that he’d like to go for a fun walk again when it’s his pick.

I am grateful for the sentiment I found in my fortune cookie. “You are thorough and very organized”. I’ll take it as a compliment, regardless of it’s veracity.

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