Gratitude – Lunch with a friend, weenie roast, Farley is okay




I am grateful for lunch with my pal, Judd today.

I am grateful for a fun evening. We skipped Beavers. Julie’s not been feeling so well, and I’ve been working like crazy and was thinking I’d work late again tonight after the kids were down. We decided just to bring it off. The kids biked up and down our street for a bit, then we had a weenie roast in our backyard. It was nice and relaxed. Then we got the kids ready for bed, and I went back to the office.

Things took a turn then, I had just arrived back at work when I got a call from Julie. Farley had gagged on something he found somewhere in the house, then he swallowed it. we didn’t know what it was. He said it was a coin. There weren’t any button batteries in that drawer, were there? Could we be certain?

I am grateful for free medical care in this country. I am grateful I didn’t get a ticket in the hospital parking lot, even though the meter ran out long before we returned. I am grateful that neither wait for the 2 X-rays (a second one after the first was inconclusive) was 2 hours, as the sign warned. I am grateful that the object didn’t block Farley’s airway when he swallowed it. I am grateful the X-ray showed it was just a coin after all, somewhere in his gastrointestinal tract, past the point of the most risk. I am grateful Farley is okay. I am so, so grateful Farley is okay.

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