Gratitude – standards compliant browsers, happy Coop, and busy, busy, busy

I am grateful for standards compliant browsers. For those of you who are not fellow nerds: In the past a really big challenge for people like me was that all the different browsers showed the same web pages totally differently; and making it so that everyone looking at the same page saw the same thing was really, really hard. Thankfully, those days are mostly gone, and some of the more annoying aspects of what I do all day are gone with them.

I am grateful for a happy Coop. He was just in that kind of infectious good mood that only kids can be in today.

I am grateful for enough work to keep me really busy right now; and for the flexibility to work from wherever I wish. I put in a long day today, but doing half of the day at my kitchen table and the other half at my office broke it up, and made it feel a bit shorter.

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