Gratitude – Thai

I’m grateful, to know Thai. Thai is one of a pair of kind and gentle dogs that both my kids have known since they were both very little. Anyone who has seen me around dogs know I’m not much of a dog person. I fear dogs, and dogs smell fear. If Thai ever smelt me being afraid, he must have disregarded it as he sauntered up slowly and casually offered up a neck to be scratched. He also never shows any fear when Coop or Farley give him big, sudden, unannounced hugs around his belly, or tug on his tail or ears. Thai just always seems to be content with whomever he is with. I can’t imagine being as comfortable around any other dog, except his stepsister, Paddy. It’s a sad time for Thai and his family though. Thai has Cancer. There’s nothing to be done about it. I wish there was because it saddens me too, but I’m privileged and glad to have known such a great dog.

I am grateful for a Christmas concert put on by Coop’s beaver colony in an assisted living facility. Julie and I were performing, too, accompanying Christmas carols with ukulele and guitar. It was folksy and rough around the edges, and it was also fun. The crowd seemed appreciative, but also quiet, and perhaps not appreciative at all. Hard to say, but there were a few moments I could see everyone present singing. It was a nice event to be involved in.

I am grateful for the performance of ‘Let it Be’ I heard one of the nurses sing and play on the piano while we were on our way out of that same assisted living facility. It was how music should be. It was human. It was unamplified, and so acoustic. It was casual. It was as much for the musician as it was for the audience.
It wasn’t an extraordinary performance, but it was beautiful and it dovetailed perfectly into the time and space it occupied. In this age of auto tuners, digital rights management and aspiring-musician-based reality shows, it’s great to see music occur naturally in its native habitat.

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