Gratitude, the concert, the venue, work and reno progress

I am still grateful for that concert last night.

I am grateful for the kind of performance that makes you feel like you’ve received a gift. It doesn’t happen often for me. At the end of the first set I felt like I was given something tangible; and I felt like I owed them one. I have resolved to catch more shows like that in the future.

And by like that, I might mean any show at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall, for which I am also grateful. The acoustics were great – it looked to me like every seat was a good one, and the stained glass windows are¬†breathtaking. I haven’t been there since a baroque orchestral concert I saw in the early nineties, I remember being struck by the venue then, too.

I am grateful for reno progress. Drywall has been applied to the ceiling throughout, and a few walls, too. Julie and I were doing some sound testing this evening – I think it worked very well. We can hop around and put our stereo up full blast, and it’s barely audible down there. The system works. Phew!

I am grateful for some work progress today. Despite a number of urgent curveballs thrown at me through the day, I managed to make headway on the main bigger project I am working on, too.

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