Gratitude – Thursday

I am grateful for Coop’s beaver scout colony. Tonight they made space stations out of recyclable materials. Ours included a foil tart shell radar dish communications device, several telescopes, a coffee can space dock for pop bottle rocketships, bubble wrap solar panels, and the like. Cussing awesome. 

I am grateful for a week where I got lots of work stuff done, AND I did not work after 5:45 pm once. I  not sure how both of these facts can be true.

I am grateful for Farley, staring intently at the Richard Scarry book, all snuggled up on my lap tonight. 

“What kind of truck is that one Farley?”

“Picko twuck!”

“Pickle truck?”

“Yes, picko twuck.”

“What kind again?”


All I want to hear is Farley say “picko”, as much as possible, before the inevitable day he says “pickle”. I’m grateful I get to watch them grow up, but I’m also grateful they are still small.

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