Gratitude – work, wipebook, beaver buggies


I am grateful for my very first full day back at work after the Holiday. Between a sick self, sick kids, and stuff that had to get done for the reno, time back at work has been a bit scarce. Today I was Stettin’ them up and knockin’ them down all day!

I am grateful for my wipebook. If you are a note and list addict like myself, I recommend checking it out. It’s a dry erase notebook. So simple, so good, and it now rivals my iPhone for top spot in the “stuff I don’t like to have more than an arms reach away at any time” list. Proudly Canadian, to boot!

I am grateful for beavers. I thumb typing this, having a hard time keeping my nose out of Cooper’s bidness as they hammer together their “beaver buggies”. These are little wooden cars that come in a kit, assembly with hammers and nails is required, and decoration is highly encouraged.

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