Happy Happy Cooper

Just a quick post to showcase this YouTube video of just how happy my boy can be. He isn’t like this all the time (by a long shot), but moments like this make all the screaming and crying worthwhile!

7 thoughts on “Happy Happy Cooper

  1. love the video, guys.  First smiles & giggles are THE BEST!  Precious times indeed.  Give big loves & kisses to Cooper from me, will you.

    Love you guys.

    P.S.  hope you have another 6-hours of sleep again soon!

  2. Mike, and your wife, ……..(sorry, how do I forget her name… must be my aging brain)………

    Your baby is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS…….. and indeed, so communicative.  To think, it was less than 40 years ago that the pediatric medical types decided that babies could communicate before they were 3 months old!  So silly, were’t they?  Apparently, they make different gestures toward mom than toward Dad…. of course, they are ‘hey mom, I want more tucker’ and ‘hey Dad, let’s play… since I can see that……. (you fill in the blanks)

    Congratulations… I am sure he will make a significant contribution to the world.

    Hugs from Us!!

    Mariette and Neville

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