It’s Been A While

Since my last entry, a few notable things have occurred.

I had fun with my high-school buddy Troy, who came out for a fun late-November weekend. We ate lots, drank lots, played pool and golf, and had a blast. Geography, and lives busy with family and occupations have made it hard for us to connect one on one, even though we’ve kept pretty good contact over the years. It was a great time, long overdue.

I keep trying to know what I want, in the effort to get it and not live a life of default choices. I have decided I want to concentrate my business on doing content-managed websites, and at least for now, motion graphics production. I don’t want to travel with work so much. New years is coming up, and with it, resolutions. Rarely have I stuck with them very well, but this year, I am resolving to get more work that keeps me at home, and to try to make 2009 a year I don’t travel anywhere on business.

That’s another thing I’ve learned in the past while. I made the choice on several occasions to say no to work that I could have stayed up all night or in the office over the weekend to do. I didn’t say no because I couldn’t do it, nor did I say no because they weren’t good projects. I said no because I am starting to realize that unstructured, free time is when I do my best thinking. It’s when I am able to see most clearly where I want to be, and where the best path is to get there. I struggle against a strong protestant work ethic that says if I just always keep my nose on the grindstone, everything will work out okay. I’m starting to realize that this is true, but taking the nose of the grindstone every now and again is okay too. In fact, it is frequently nicer, and you get a clearer sense of where the best grindstones are when you raise your head long enough to look around.

I bought a new phone. It has a qwerty keyboard and runs the windows mobile operating system. I don’t know if I like it or not, but it plays a mean game of solitaire.

A website that BigMike Studios provided all backend programming and technical services for has launched and is now available to the public. It is targeted towards artists and activists, hence the name,

Julie and I went to Vancouver for a weekend. I went for many reasons. I went to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws, to meet with several business contacts, and to reconnect with many of the friends I have there. I had breakfast with the same group of guys I always did when I lived there. Same restaurant, same time, every week. More or less, that has been going on for 15 years, and several of us knew each other for nearly a decade before that when we were all in the same scout troop. It’s easy to forget there is a whole world in Vancouver going on. this trip reminded me that it was all still there. I was also reminded, however, that the commute is not always as easy as one imagines. Our ferry was delayed from a 7pm departure to about 11pm do to high winds during a storm.

I have also spent much of the last month getting excited about what I am doing just 3 days from now. Julie and I will be getting on an airplane bound for a Mexican vacation in a group of 23 relatives – everyone from my Grandmother down. It will be 100% FUN! I cannot wait, but will have to for 3 more sleeps.

Phew! Blog karma, check.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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