Little Pig

My spouse, Julie, is big on knitting.


A lot of people blog about their knitting. I know this because Julie is also big on knitting blogs.

She makes awesome things. I am amazed at what she comes up with. Often, she cranks these things out in only a couple of days.

Many of Julie’s friends say she should start a blog, at least, in part, to show off her wares. Well, she hasn’t yet, and maybe never will. But if I have to do it myself, her projects will be seen by an adoring internet public. Oh yes, they will.

I am starting with this little pig.

It’s for our niece, Cara, who apparently is really into pigs (Babe, Charlottes Web, any pig, any time, anywhere). If you know Cara, don’t tell her. It’ll spoil the surprise.

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