MORE pregnant

We had an ultrasound this morning when we went to see a specialist. I saw the little feller’s heart beating. So tiny, so fragile, so fast and so undeniably present.

This is a big event – it means that the fetus is viable, and that things are going as well as they can. We haven’t been this far yet.

The specialist said that before we saw the heart beat we had a 60 – 70% chance of seeing through to a successful delivery. Seeing the heartbeat, however, has improved our odds to about 95%.

Those are good odds, and I am freakin’ giddy.

3 thoughts on “MORE pregnant

  1. I meant feller in the gender neutral sense of the word. Okay, maybe feller doesn’t have a gender neutral sense. Maybe not the best choice of words,  but little fetus doesn’t sound cute enough.

    In fact, it hardly represented any discernable shape at all, let alone male female or even human, for that matter. It was a collection of little lumpy bits, but when the specialist pointed at a blinking pixel or two on the screen and said, “see that little flutter? That’s the heartbeat, a very sign”, the collection of lumpy bits gained a bit of a personality in my mind.

  2. I like that news and I like those odds.  My love, as always, is with you and Julie and the little “feller”.

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