Gratitude – learning from a human, Coop’s soccer, hanging out quietly.

I am grateful for some expert tutelage from friend, colleague, and client today on using the Ionic framework to build web and mobile apps for iOS and android. Learning stuff is empowering, and learning from people instead of the Internet is more fun.

I am grateful for Coop’s soccer drills and skills class. Tonight they played a quick game at the end, and he scored a goal. Go Coop!

I am grateful for an unstructured evening after that, where there was a good half hour (at least!) where Coop and Julie were coloring, Farley was building lego, and I was surfing the net with my phone, all of us just hanging out in the living room. We aren’t a family that’s quiet when we are all together very often, but we were tonight.

Gratitude – snuggly boys, trampoline, time with kids.


I am grateful for my boys. I found them sitting together on the big armchair in the living room while they watched cartoons this morning. Sometimes they fight, but for the most part, they really do seem to prefer to be together.

I am grateful for the trampoline we bought today, and I am grateful we’ve got a place to put it.

This surprised me, but I am grateful for the toys I was tidying up in the living room today. Don’t get me wrong. I am anything but grateful for the constant cussing mess. As I was picking up the cars and the stuffies today, it struck me how these boys will soon grow up. How they won’t play with cars or stuffies. I’m glad I won’t have to clean that cuss up forever, but I am going to miss having these little kids around. Someday they won’t be here anymore.

gratitude: speedy commute, ride home, house of cards, netflix

I am grateful for a speedy commute this morning. It’s quicker when I put Coop on the back of my bike, rather than him taking his own. Too many dang hills to walk up.

I am grateful for a ride home in a van tonight. It was raining today.

I am grateful to have taken in a double header of House of Cards at our house tonight. Man, that is some great television.

I am grateful for the Netflix business model. They make TV for me to watch, I pay them to get a chance to watch it. Seems much simpler than the standard network TV business model, with money travelling to and fro between content producers, advertisers, and cable providers.

Gratitude – project nearly done, lunch with Julie, Beavers in the great outdoors

I am grateful that a big project is coming to a close. Onward to the next…

I am grateful for lunch with Julie. The new office is much closer to hers – it’s great to have such opportunity to have kid-free time with her. Doesn’t happen often otherwise.

I am grateful for Beavers, tonight it was a walk down Camas Trail to the beach. Not much of a hike really, but the kids had a great time frolicking on the beach and clambering on the rocks.

gratitude – Good weather, eating outside, free bikes, Netflix


I am grateful for some great weather yesterday and today. It’s allowed for lots more biking around instead of driving, which I am also happy for.

I am grateful for a casual dinner of various leftovers, consumed on our front steps with my boys.

I am grateful for 2 bikes I found at the side of the road with a sign that said “free” on them. What will I do with 2 rusty, broken down bikes? I don’t know, but the fire-breathing burning man trike my brother in law recently put together provides pause for thought.

I am grateful for kids in bed, about an hour before I’ll turn in, and Netflix.

Gratitide – bike ride, family, medical care

I am grateful for a bike ride with the 4 of us, starting near Kitsilano Pool, then on to the awesome play park at Granville Island.

I am grateful for some great family time with my in-laws, including my brother in-law Drew and his sweetheart, Kendra.

I am grateful for our medical system. I am writing this from the E.R. At the Children’s hospital, this time with Coop, who is now sleeping soundly with a mighty big sliver stuck in his foot. I wouldn’t say I was grateful for the wait, but I am okay with not being one of the parents of kids who came after and were triaged in right away. I’d prefer a longer wait than a more urgent need for care, any day of the week. 


Gratitude – bike, nap, dinner


 I am grateful for a swell bike ride to the park with my boys and their Nana today.

I am grateful for my nap in a comfy la-z-boy with Farley asleep on my chest this afternoon.

I am grateful for a swell dinner with old friends, and for a great time had by all, including our collective offspring, who enjoyed trampoline jumping, backyard soccer, and boys snuggled up on the couch with a Netflix movie.