I am grateful for time at the studio today.

I am grateful for my late grandmother’s sloppy joe recipe, and I am grateful for the email thread that I read every time I search for it. There’s nothing big or profound about it, but it is a warm, affectionate, easy going correspondence that helps me remember how great she was, and how she’s still with me.
I am grateful for Coop’s Cub meeting. It’s great that it’s at a hall right next to the beach.


I am grateful for a successful afternoon of errands, and a good long while at the new water park in Esquimalt with my lads.

I am grateful for time at the studio.

I am grateful for time with Farley getting him tucked into bed for the night. 

I am grateful for time with Julie, hanging out and watching some tv after the boys were down.


I am grateful for Farley and Coop, who both received the yellow belts that they earned in their Karate class today.

I am grateful for a trip we took to East Sooke Park. It’s a great spot, and I remember doing a lot of day hikes there back when I lived here in my early twenties.  We went down to the beach and had a picnic, and made great use of a driftwood swing someone set up there. It was a great way to spend our afternoon.


I am grateful for time spent at the studio this afternoon.

I am grateful for family fun night: Farley’s pick. He’s been asking about  to going to a cemetery for a while now; tonight we went to two. First, we stopped at the Jewish Cemetery, we then went to the Ross Bay Cemetary.

It was a great experience. We paid respects and talked a bit about what had happened at the holocaust memorial. We stood by markers of a person who died in 1880, that had had been born in 1779. There was another that was born in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1921, and was buried here in 2001. 

It’s one thing to know the dates and general facts of history, it’s another to be in the personal space of someone who was a 12 year old Jew, likely in Germany while the Nazis were coming to power. Now that person rests here in the neighbourhood I call home. I don’t know his family, or the person who is buried there, but being there helps me form a personal connection to history; these were real people, with real lives, and I stood in their space tonight.

At Ross Bay, Coop used a map to find the final resting place of Emily Carr. It was nice to see offerings there for her; people had left paintbrushes and other art supplies, or artwork of their own. We also saw markers for railroad barons, lieutenant governors, and premiers, and the first European woman to own real estate in British Columbia. 

I am grateful for some dramatic skies at sunset tonight.


I am grateful for some time at the studio today.

I am grateful for help from my boys on a project to organize our spice cupboard. Coop handled the label maker, Farley handled sticking the labels on, and I handled the rest.

I am grateful for Farley’s new dance.

I am grateful for a close game of air hockey with Coop.

I am grateful for stories with those guys at bedtime.

I am grateful they are down now, and that the house is quiet. So quiet.


I am grateful for some time spent at the studio.

I am grateful for some victory in a home project today, installing trim around a curved corner.

I am grateful for a swim with my boys this afternoon, and for the electric bike that got us there and back.

I am grateful for culinary victory today. I made fish and chips, and they turned out awesome. I recently heard about a self help book that says that “if you do the thing, then you get the power”. My new power is making fish and chips. It’s not invisibility or flying, but I’ll take it!