I am grateful for news about a good friend’s impending parenthood. There’s no happy like being happy for that.

I am grateful for time spent hanging out with Julie tonight. We were at cattle point. It’s nice there.

I am grateful for kids gobbling up the soup I made for dinner. Every scrap of vegetable matter down their gullets is a victory.


I am grateful for a short and sweet workday.

I am grateful for an opportunity to play hooky for an hour and a bit in the painting studio this afternoon..

I am grateful for the kind of job where hooky is an option sometimes.

I am grateful for an evening out, drinking beer first, then playing games at the Boardgame Cafe with friends old and new tonight.


I am grateful for a fun vacation, although I am a little sad it’s over.

I am grateful for a fun time at Coombs today. There’s a crazy store there that sells all kinds of  interesting and also mundane things. Art supplies? Check. Loaf of bread? Check. Wooden toys? Check. Can of beans? Check. Suit of armour? Check. All that, and it has goats living on its roof. I cuss you not.


I am grateful for a fantastic day. It included:

  • An opportunity to chat with my bro while driving him to the airport
  • Time at the beach, with kids digging holes in the sand, racing through shallow water, sitting in the sun, and the like.
  • Squirting the crap out of everyone on bumper boats equipped with water cannons.
  • Playing in an immense playpark.
  • Going out for pizza.
  • Enjoying roasted marshmallows and kids running around with glow sticks after dark at our fire on the beach.

“It doesn’t get much better than this,” My grandfather used to say at times like this, “and I’m not even sure it EVER gets this good.”


I am grateful for a fun day of vacation with my family.
I am grateful for water wings, to replace the ones I forgot at home, that change the experience of taking Farley swimming.

I am grateful for the opportunity to make eggs Benedict for a crowd this morning. I always enjoy that.

I am grateful for time at the beach. My boys and their cousins dug in the sand, caught crustaceans, and flew kites.

I am grateful for spaghetti and  meatballs for dinner, and for a surprise belated 70th birthday cake for my dad.

I am grateful for a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” sung by my niece while Julie accompanied on her ukulele.


I am grateful for a crazy day that all worked out okay. There were kids off in different directions, places for me to be with tight timelines, logistical issues because our car had to be at the mechanic unexpectedly, and early this morning, and lots to do because there’s always lots to do.

I am grateful my folks were in town, and were extremely helpful with all that. I am grateful it all worked, and no real panic was necessary, although I considered it as an option a few times.

I am grateful for time with said folks, we had lunch at Part and Parcel, and then dinner at our house. They brought salads, we made chilli.

I am grateful for the term “Scruffy Hospitality”, which I’ve been embracing for how we do things when hosting at our house. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I hope you’ll feel the love when I yell “FAMILY HOLDBACK” when one of my kids puts a greater-than-fair-share on his plate; and usually Farley will declare that it’s a nice dinner, at some point.


I am grateful for a fun date night with Julie. We were going to go see a movie, but we didn’t see any that looked interesting. Instead we ran a few errands, picked up some junk food, parked the van by the sea and watched some of our favourite TV on my laptop in the back of the minivan.


I am grateful for time spent starting in on a painting today.

Many stars had to align for this to happen. I am grateful for the political will in the City of Victoria to establish the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre as a place where there can be an open painting studio. I am grateful to my spouse for taking the boys and being cool with the costs associated with signing up and buying a bunch of painting gear.

I am grateful to my own self for getting my cuss together to get in there and do it. A blank canvas is an intimidating thing, but it doesn’t take long to get absorbed by applying paint to it once you start.

Long ago, I thought art was my calling, and at the age of 17, I decided art school was the way to go. After graduation, I applied at all of the big downtown fine art firms, but none were hiring.

So, I went into graphic design. a decade and a half of that of that pretty much wore down any desire to do something like paint in my spare time. For the last 2 years or so, I’ve cut down my design workload as much as possible. I now self identify as a programmer, and my job is to sit in my garage and code all day, and I love it.

I love it, but it’s been nice to feel the itch to paint again over the last several months, and tonight it was great to scratch it.


I am grateful for my electric bike. This week’s drop off regime will require more of its use. It’s a fun way to get around, especially with a kid or two on the back.

I am grateful for a quiet work day at my quiet house.

I am grateful for our slow cooker. It makes good things, and saves on time. Tonight we had clam chowder, ready when everyone walked in the door,  which I spent about 15 minutes making before I ate lunch.

I am grateful for an evening with lots of reading time with my boys.