I am grateful for Farley, whose only requirements for happiness sometimes are paper and markers.

I am grateful for Coop, who made finger puppets of everyone in our family today.

I am grateful for my folks, who came over and entertained Coop, who was home sick today so I could get some cuss done in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for time spent painting in the studio this morning.

I am grateful to have had my folks stay for dinner. I like cooking for a crowd.


I am grateful for some time at the studio this morning. I didn’t do much actual painting, but I have a bunch of canvases prepped and ready to go now.

I am grateful for a quiet afternoon of working quietly in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for Cub Cars. They were painting them, putting the wheels on, and testing them on the track at Coop’s Cub meeting tonight. Fun stuff.


I am grateful for a birthday party I attended with Farley where I learned many of the names of the other parents to go with their faces that I’ve been seeing every morning when I drop the kids off at school.

I am grateful for Coop and Farley’s decision to team up at the grocery store and go off on their own in search of a few of the items on the grocery list while I took care of the rest of it. I am also grateful to the person they asked who helped them reach something on a shelf that was too high for them.

I am grateful for a few rounds of pop-o-matic trouble with those fellas tonight. More things should be pop-o-matic in this life.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley reading and rubbing his back to help him go down tonight. Won’t be long before that’s just not a thing anymore with that guy. I didn’t realize that fully when Coop was his size, but I realize it fully now. I am grateful for the dwindling littleness left in both of them.


I am grateful for a Visiting Artists lecture I attended at Opus Art Supplies today. The artist, Lisa Samphire, works in glass which was not something I knew much about, she was interesting and engaging, but the best part was that giving the talk didn’t seem like something I couldn’t do, which is good, because I am meant to give one too, on June 23.

I am grateful that my folks joined me on that, then bought me lunch afterwards. Nice having them around.

I am grateful for a walk to Summit Park this afternoon with Julie and the kiddos. Snowdrops are out in full force, and while there aren’t any blooms yet, the daffodils are up and appear to be ready to burst at any moment. It hasn’t been a terrible winter, but I always like the signs of spring that lead to summer.

I am grateful for a screening of the Tintin movie with the boys tonight. I remember liking it more than I thought I would when I saw it the first time many years ago, and it was even better than I remembered tonight. I’d forgotten it was directed by Spielberg. Fine movie, that.


I am grateful for a fairly quick recovery after some disappointment in hearing the news that one could not expect to get one’s own giant bag of cheezies when accompanying me for a grocery shop, even though sharing such a bag would be fine. The disappointment led to a change in plan from swimming this evening; instead we hastily made arrangements to visit grandma and grandad at their hotel for hot chocolate. By the time we arrived it was apparent that there were really enough cheezies for everyone, and even grandma and especially grandad could enjoy a generous share without any tears. All of that. It turns out I am grateful for it all.


I am grateful for 2 kids who, when i slept in late, got their cuss together real quick, and made themselves breakfast(!), and sailed smooth enough that we got to school before the bell.

I am grateful for a good chunk of time spent in the studio today.

I am grateful for date night with Julie. We ate all the sushi and other Japanese fare we could. It was sublime.


I am grateful for Mount Royal Bagels.

I am grateful for some time spent in the studio. I tried working with oil paints for the first time in more than 20 years. I received them as a Christmas gift, and I am grateful for that, too.

I am grateful for dinner together with my spouse and kids on a night where no-one had to go anywhere.


I am grateful to live in an age where I can youtube up old concert footage of Genesis from back when Peter Gabriel was still involved. Can’t get enough of them Carpet Crawlers.

I am grateful for a first day back at the gym after too long dealing with a cold/flu bug.

I am grateful for a phone conversation with my brother.

I am grateful for a full and productive day in the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for Cooper’s Cub meeting. They were building Cub Cars. Fun stuff.