Gratitude day 53

I am grateful for this exercise. Some days it’s hard to be grateful. This, right here, gives me reason to take the time and make the effort for gratitude.

I am grateful for my relationship. The truth is that it’s a lot of hard work. Things that are worth it in this life are rarely easy. My relationship with Julie is no exception. This year marks the point when I’ve been with Julie for as long as I was alive without her before. At times, we take each other for granted, but that can’t be sustainable over a long time. Still, it’s nice to know we’re really committed to be in it together; to do what we have to to keep us both happy, and that we fully intend to be together until death do us part, or even longer, of possible.

I am grateful for roasted seaweed from Costco. I just can’t get enough of that stuff.

Gratitude day 52

I am grateful for the picnic Coop and I had on the boulevard in behind his school next to our car. We had a tight timeline to get to Beavers, so I packed a few sandwiches and bananas to eat in the 45 minute period between picking up Coop at school and getting him to the scout hall. The sun was setting at the end of a clear day. Coop was happy and excited about beavers. Some of his friends at school were wandering by, and they and their parents stopped to say hi. It was nice.

I am grateful for scouting. I had a long and decorated career as a Scout.
Many of the best friends I still have today I met as a scout when I was a kid or teenager. Coop had his first Beaver
Scout meeting tonight. He had a fun time and made a swell thanksgiving centrepiece.

I am grateful for my grandpa’s Buick. I inherited it recently. I’d been having thoughts of selling it. It had a brake issue I couldn’t find the time to fix myself. It’s about as big and impractical as 1970s American cars ever got. Seeing the un-drivable, insured car parked in front of my house day after day was getting me down. I finally took it in to have it fixed and got it back today. It was great to drive it again. Grandpa bought it the summer I was born. I remember sitting in its backseat with him and my grandma as a little kid. It hasn’t changed much since then, having been in storage for decades. Taking it out for the brief bit of driving I did tonight reminded me how lucky I am to have it, at least for the time being.

Gratitude day 51


I am grateful for the Mexican House of Spice on Douglas Street and the nice lady therein. I was waiting for a ride and realized I had time to walk in. I asked if they had tomatillo salsa in a jar. They didn’t, but she did have encouraging words, a recipe, and tomatillos. Tonight was taco night at our house, and let me tell you, there was freshly made tomatillo salsa!

I am grateful for my new-to-me scrappy bike! I made it from leftover bike bits and a few new parts. It will be great to have a non-cargo bike to put on the car rack when having kid passengers isn’t anticipated. It was a lot of fun figuring out how all that stuff works and how it’s put together.

I am grateful for my spouse, who was kind enough to see how much fun I was having putting together said bike, and left me to do that while she was putting away leftovers and making lunches for the kids.

Gratitude day 50


I am grateful I am in bed. I’m tired, but I will be asleep soon.

I am grateful I have a space to tinker in. Tonight I made most of a bicycle from bits laying around.

I am grateful for my family. For a brief period we were all on the floor playing with lego. Coop made a great table and chairs, complete with coffee mugs, iPhone and cookies. If that isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.

Gratitude day 49

I am grateful for my new office. Had my first day there. Coming in for the first time a few days after everyone else had set up was great. As soon as I walked in I felt good about it, and then even more so after I set up my desk and started coding.

I am grateful for my apparent recovery . Today marks the first day back on the bike in more than 2 weeks. It felt great! Hopefully this weather holds up a while longer.

I am grateful the tent trailer is packed up for the winter. It got wet in places it shouldn’t have last winter, and its future is at this point uncertain. We’ll see how it does in the rain this year, and if it’s worth it, perhaps I’ll fix it up next season. If it’s not, it might become a utility trailer, or perhaps I will realize my dream of building a DIY teardrop trailer. Either way, i spent an hour or two schlepping stuff out of it tonight and getting it all packed away. Now, I can remove it from the “stuff I have to think about soon” column, and that’s always a relief.

Gratitude day 48

I am grateful for mushrooms. They class up the joint, and they were delicious in the omelettes I made for breakfast this morning.

I am grateful for progress on a few home projects. That and the realization that if I can just wrap a few of them up, I will be much less stressed out.

And I am grateful for my health, mental and physical. Today, I learned about several ordeals a friend has been through over the past few months. Family issues and depression leading to near-cardiac arrests, laparoscopic heart surgery, and post traumatic stress. It’s sobering. He’s of similar age and build to me, he’s a father, and he’s had several events over the past while that were too close to his mortality for comfort. On that note, I am grateful for his health too, there have been near misses, but he’s still with us, and working towards getting better. Heavy stuff.

Gratitude day 47

I am grateful for my own bed, in my own house, which is where I was pleased to wake up this morning.

I am grateful for a little quality time with my kiddos, which is what woke me up this morning.

I am grateful for an early thanksgiving dinner, complete with in-laws, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, the whole bit. It was delicious and lovely.

Gratitude day 46

I am grateful for Vancouver. Vancouver and I parted ways in 2006 after 12 great years together. I don’t intend to move back, but I loved that town and still do. It was great to recognize all those places I remember so vividly but haven’t thought about for years. That apartment building my friend used to live in. That great pizza place. The street I used to bike down, and on, and on.

I am grateful for public art. Vancouver is chockablock with it. I’d bet most of it showed up during the Olympics, or maybe I am just noticing it because it’s the thing that sticks out in that spot I remember from before without it. Whatever. In some small way my day was made better by seeing many random sculptures sprinkled along outside the window of the bus to the ferry. The aggregate value of many people having days made better, even if only for a second’s glance outside the window, makes public art worth it.

And, I am grateful for the ferry. It’s an hour and a half all to myself, most times. If you catch one that times out nicely with the sun going down, the scenery is cussing unbelievable. And not least of all, it takes me home, and home is good.

Gratitude day 45

I am grateful for these occasional staging gigs. When they go well, like today, roles are clearly defined. There is a show at stake. A big audience with eyes on a stage you are responsible for. Everything has to be under control, but with a little luck and solid preparation, it is. There is a camaraderie with people who were strangers the day before the show, and will be again the day after. It’s always intense. Intensely stressful, intensely jubilant, or ideally, intensely boring. I am glad I don’t do these as much as I used to, but it’s fun the once in a while that I do.

I am grateful for my family. I am aware of that in this moment because I miss them. I am also grateful I’ll be home tomorrow.

I am grateful for all this dang technology. Sometimes, I feel like I could really do without it, but I can’t help but to appreciate my computer for all the amazing things it can do. We are living in the future.

Gratitude day 44

I am grateful for an easy and uneventful trip. I am in Vancouver, working at a conference for a few days.

I am grateful for the internet, and the gazillions of cheap little apps to solve obscure problems. I spent $50 on a little program that resizes PowerPoint files, so that when you change the dimensions of the slideshow it doesn’t screw everything up. Is that a big problem for you? Most days, me neither, but today that me saved hours of work and stress.

I am grateful for nice hotel rooms.
So clean. So dark. So quiet. Perfect for sleeping, and sleeping is awesome. Good night!