I am grateful for some time spent at the studio.

I am grateful for some family ad-lib country song jamming we did this evening. There was a turtle. It’s name was Myrtle. Wacky hijinx ensued. I am grateful Julie recorded some of it on her phone.

I am grateful for a B science fiction movie on Netflix I wasn’t intending to stay awake for, but was too compelling stop watching.


I am grateful for a productive day running around town. I got a bunch of stuff done, and with a good excuse to drive around in our new to us van.

I am grateful for the progression of technology. I always buy old cars, so I’m behind the times a bit, but our new van boasts a screen for the kids to watch movies in the car on road trips, on the built in VCR!

I am grateful that VHS tapes are plentiful and cheap at the thrift store in my neighbourhood. They are $0.25 each, or 5 for $1. I bought 3, and that was $0.80 including tax. I had to break a toonie!

The boys and I tested it out tonight to see if it worked. It did, and we’re stoked! We’re all set for our next road trip. 

I am grateful for Julie’s mad big hair skills, acquired as a teenager in the 80s, applied to Cooper just for fun tonight. HILARIOUS!


I am grateful for Farley and his pal Trevor being goofballs on the back of my bike while we rode alongside Cooper to meet Julie at the pool for a swim this afternoon. 100% fun!

I  grateful for a moment Coop said exactly the right thing to me at exactly the right moment. He has also been known to say exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong moment, but this is a gratitude post, and I digress. Today it was the right thing, at the right moment.


I am grateful for a chat with my brother today. We talked exclusively about cars. Few things bring me as much comfort.

I am grateful for Coop, who showed me how he can spell his name in American Sign Language.

I am grateful for a visit with friends in our village who dropped off another kid from our village for a sleepover. We have a great community of people in our lives.

I am grateful for a bike ride with Coop, each under our own steam, from our house to Clover Point, where we joined Julie, Farley, and his buddy for some kite flying.

I am grateful the three of them are all sleeping soundly as I write this.


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I am grateful for a productive day quietly working in my quiet office.

I am grateful for family fun night. It was my pick. I attempted to replicate Kentucky Fried Chicken, for which the secret recipe may have recently been revealed. It was close, but not the same. Tasty though! And very salty. After that we went for a walk at Beaver Lake, where it’s pretty as all heck, and then got ice cream cones on the way home.


I am grateful for time spent doing some interesting worky work.

I am grateful for my mechanic. I trust him. I’d never had that before.

I am grateful for our babysitter. 

I am grateful for time spent painting.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie, eating a terrific burger from Big Wheel Burger in Cook Street Village.



I am bummed that the summer is over, but I’m very grateful for that summer. It was action packed. I went places. I did stuff. I saw cherished friends and family. I tried new things. There was rarely a dull moment, but I looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed the dull moments, too.

I am grateful for big kids getting bigger all the time. Today marks Cooper’s first day of school, and Farley’s last first day of school where he’s not going to school yet.

I am grateful for time at the painting studio today; an hour squeaked in before Julie and the kids got home, and another hour after the kids were asleep. It’s nice having it so close.