I am grateful for my dumb phone. I had this suspicion I’d been spending too much time anxiously checking my iPhone for email, Facebook updates, or any of the other things one can obsessively check for a few months now. I bit the bullet and downgraded. I still have the iPhone, but it now sits in a drawer. My new dumb phone makes voice calls and text messages, and that’s it. There was a half dozen times today I didn’t really need to check anything but I pulled it out of my pocket and turned it on before realizing I couldn’t check anything anyway. It’s an odd feeling that’s a mix of freedom and futility.

I am grateful for Coop. He perservered on a challenging craft we were doing at Cubs, and finished that thing after getting home. Good job, kiddo!

I am grateful for time spent rubbing Farley’s back at bedtime.



I am grateful for time spent at the studio this morning.

I  grateful for an easy afternoon and evening at home with my family.

I am grateful for news that my mom is home from the hospital and doing well.


I am grateful for a chance to show a painting and talk about it with Cooper’s grade 2-3 class. I brought in a painting I did of trees in Summit Park, and then I joined them on a walk to the same place, where they did drawings of trees for a bit, before running around, playing tag, climbing trees, and whacking rocks with sticks, and sticks with rocks, like kids really should.

I am grateful for Family Fun Night. Farley’s pick: I made pizza, and then we went to Mr. Tubbs for ice cream and wanton gambling on games of chance (like whack-a-mole), where we won tickets to exchange for crappy plastic toys. The honest truth is that neither Julie or I are big fans of Mr. Tubbs, but for one thing – it makes are kids so dang happy. I mean, they are really cussing happy to be there, and it’s good that it is easy to get caught up in that.

I am grateful for some small successes on the painting biz front.


I am grateful for my Mom’s health. Last week, we were celebrating her birthday. A few days after that, she slipped on some ice, and fell and broke her hip. This morning, she had surgery to replace it, and this evening, she sent a photo of herself standing up. She’s got a positive attitude that just won’t quit, and I’m really glad she’s okay.

I’m grateful for our health system.

I’m grateful for a night out with Julie. We saw Paterson, directed by Jim Jarmusch. It was a bit boring, a bit quirky, and just what I was in the mood for. I enjoyed it very much. Or should I say very musch. Bwahaha!


I am grateful for physiotherapy.

I am grateful that someone close to me is in good care, despite a bad injury.

I am grateful for a normal night at home, where no one had to go anywhere.


I am grateful for a mostly iPhone free day. I shoved it in a drawer this morning, and didn’t take it out until after dinner.

I am grateful for time spent reading, while Coop was reading also, and Farley was playing quietly on his own. This is new for me.

I am grateful for a time spent outside with kids playing in the backyard. That’s one of the first times this season.