I am grateful for a successful birthday party for Farley. We were there for “The Running of the Goats” which happens every morning at the Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo, then we headed over to the adjacent play park where we claimed a picnic table under a gazebo and covered it with a spread of fast disappearing cheesies and veggies that we predictably wound up taking home with us.

I am grateful for the Spider-Man and Batman themed cake Julie made with the liberal use of blue food colouring in the icing.

I am grateful for an easy afternoon involving some dozy watching of Star Trek, followed by dinner out at White Spot (Farley’s pick).

I am grateful for the new X Files season. I was hooked back in the day, and one episode in, I am hooked again now.


I am grateful my connection to the Internet is better here at home than it was in the hotel last night, so I can post some photos that I meant to yesterday.

I am grateful for a walk to the Myrna Canyon trestles and tunnels with my brother this morning, and more driving around in that great big old Buick.

I am grateful for an easy and uneventful flight home.

I am grateful for Chinese food and an episode of Star Trek for family fun night. It was my pick.


I am grateful for my Grandpa’s Buick LeSabre. He bought it the summer I was born, and I remember being in it as a kid. After he died, my brother had it for two years, then we drove it from Calgary to Victoria, and I had it for 2 years. It’s been great, and my bro and I both love that thing, but neither of us can give it the time and attention it deserves. It’s been sold, and it’s on its way back to Calgary.

I am grateful Coop and Farley might have memories of that car. 

I am grateful for a fun day of driving it. Today I took it over on the ferry and picked up my brother in Surrey. We drove it to Kelowna, had a great visit, great burgers, a swim in the motel pool, and a few beers. It’s sad to let it go, but any day spent driving that car on the highway with my brother is a good one; I am very grateful for that.

I am Grateful for Coop’s comic book about Carrot Man. It’s incomplete, but he’s done lots of work on it. It makes liberal use of the phrase “wait, did I mention…”. I can’t wait to see how it ends.


I am grateful for a bike rise with my kids off to school this’s morning.

I am grateful for a mechanic I trust , and work done on my cars squeezed in to a way that accommodated my schedule. If you need automotive work done in Victoria, talk to Doug at Dunsmuir Super Service. He’s a straight shooter.

I am grateful for spaghetti and meatballs.

I am grateful for date night, and our babysitter. Julie and I went to a movie, called Lobster. It was my idea, and it was terrible. We had a fun time anyway.


I am grateful for Coop, who has read 100 books this year. More, really, he did that in April. I just found the certificate rattling around in his backpack today.

I am grateful for pool noodle light sabre battles in our yard tonight, along with some biking up and down the street a few times. Long, warm, summer nights are the best.

I am grateful for my living room window. 

I am grateful for some productive time spent in my quiet, quiet office.


I am grateful for all the people who have been moms to kids. I am particularly grateful for my mom, and both my grandmothers, my mother in law, Mary, and for Julie, the mother beside me in the parenting of our kids.

I am grateful for some great weather today.

I am grateful for time spent with my family making a craft with and for Julie. 

I am grateful for the gifts the boys made and gave her from their schools.

I am grateful for time spent biking around the compound at Cooper’s school with the boys.

I am grateful for a hot dog roast in the backyard for dinner tonight. It was easy and fun.


I am grateful for a general sense that I have enough, most of the time.

I am grateful for Farley’s first sleepover at a friend’s house tonight. We received reports and images via text throughout the day. Sounds like he’s having a great time.

I am grateful for a free bike I found today. I enjoy fixing them up, and I’m sure I’ll find a use for it, or someone that will.

I am grateful for a successful errand run this afternoon with 3 of the 4 members of my nuclear family today.

I am grateful for serendipity, today I overheard a conversation between a man trying to drop off a bassinet as a donation to a thrift store and the staff person telling him they couldn’t accept it for liability reasons. It so happens a friends of ours are expecting the arrival of a baby within days, and were remarking that they still needed to get one. I approached the guy and told him I could take it. Win-win!

I am grateful for dramatic and colourful skies tonight.

I am grateful for the opportunity to rent the 2012 Avengers movie and watch it with Julie and Coop tonight. Coop was ecstatic. It was great.


I am grateful for a productive day.

I am grateful for some nice weather. 

I am grateful for family fun night, Julie’s pick. BBQ at home followed by Popsicles on the beach at cattle point. We checked out tidal pools and poked anemones; simple pleasures are the best kind.


I am grateful for a chance to tour the Royal Canadian Navy’s simulation facility with Cooper’s beaver colony. It was fascinating, and awesome, and Coop got to pilot a virtual Halifax class Frigate. It became apparent that using a simulator is a much cheaper, safer, and all around better idea than having 7 year olds pilot actual 440 foot vessels with weapons, 47,500 horsepower turbines, and crews of 225 sailors around Victoria’s inner harbour. That said, they did great, and didn’t crash into anything.

I am grateful for online grocery shopping.

I am grateful for an hour of TV tonight. I’m watching Billions. It’s very compelling.

I am grateful it’s bedtime. I am bushed.