Gratitude day 24


I am grateful for news I heard today from Julie about Coop. Several weeks ago, we started putting both boys down at the same time, in the same room. I told Coop that first night that Farley might cry and fuss, because he often does if he’s not asleep when we leave the room. I advised Coop to consider singing the alphabet song in that event. I didn’t think he would; honestly that night I was expecting the worst, but Farley calmed down about 30 seconds after I left and I figured peer pressure was making him just want to go to sleep. Today Coop casually mentioned to Julie that he sings Farley to sleep with the ABC song every night. Farley has been singing the ABC song non-stop lately, now I know why, and my heart melted with joy when I heard that. I told Coop I thought that was great. “Well, I do just do it to keep him from crying” he said. His motivations┬ádon’t change my heart melting state. The fact that Coop can offer that comfort to Farley, and the fact that Farley accepts it, is all I need to be really, really grateful for my family.

I am grateful for halloween costumes. Farley will be a monster. It’s early, I know, but that kid loves a costume and he was into it. The more he puts that on the better, in my estimation.

I am grateful for small fiddly improvements to my bicycle. I installed toeclips yesterday. It’s a world of difference. Pre-kid days, I used to sport clipless pedals, but with kids on the back I wasn’t willing to risk the catastrophic failure that would be toppling over with my feet still attached to the pedals. After years of missing them with standard pedals, I wonder why I didn’t just revert to the toeclips earlier. They make for a big improvement!

Gratitude day 23

I am grateful for my new cel phone case. It’s also a wallet, which means I’ve reduced the number of things I need to remember to bring with me by 33.3%. That’s a big deal!

I am grateful for an extended lunch date with an old pal I’m pleased wound up in Victoria with me in our 40somethinghood after a teenagehood together in Calgary. It’s hard to make old friends; so it’s convenient when they are nearby.

I am grateful for We’re undertaking a renovation soon and need to declutter. Decluttering is best done when you get to meet the person who is excited about getting the stuff you might be loathe to get rid of; and the cash in the pocket is swell, too.

Gratitude day 22

I am grateful for my ability to change my convictions. Just realized that it should be “Gratitude” and not “Gratefulness” in the title of these entries. Am I ashamed of my incorrect use of the English language? Well, a little maybe, but let’s move on.

I am grateful for ample covered underground bike parking within the view of a parking attendant across the street from my office.

I am grateful it’s not snowing in Victoria today, because this is Canada, and it’s starting to in other places in this country.

Gratefulness day 21


I am grateful for bounty from the ocean. I swear; I find crab so delicious I wonder if it could be a narcotic. And to get more than I need, all I have to do is throw some traps over the side of a pier and hang out in Sidney for a few hours. Sidney is a quaint little town about a 25 minute drive from my house.

And that few hours today is another thing I am grateful for. My boyhood pal Clint came to visit, and he was with us for the crabbing expedition. It’s been too long once I’ve spent time with that guy. Added bonus: Clint is an uncle of 6 nieces and nephews whom he sees regularly, and he is a natural with kids. Clint was an instant superstar favourite grownup to my little guys.

I am grateful for my minivan. I am unapologetic for that. Minivans are cussing awesome. Full crabbing gear, snacks, kid backpacks, cooler, and an extra person to transport? No problem at all. Are minivans sexy? Maybe only to me, but no one can deny the practicality and utility you can get out of them. Even crappy but beloved old beater ones like mine.

Gratefulness Day 19

I am grateful for good weather in September. We can’t take it for granted anymore. Today was the kind of nice and sunny day you get used to in the summertime. When that’s not a given, a day like that becomes a blessing.

I am grateful we’ve managed to find care for our school-aged kid during the current teachers’ strike. Many families we know haven’t had it as easy, and are scrambling. We were lucky.

I am grateful for the amazing, clear, and starry sky we sat under at Gyro Beach park tonight. The city put on “the Lego Movie” on a big inflatable screen. It’s a great show, but sitting outside on a night like that in a park by the beach was enough entertainment on its own.

Gratefulness Day 18

I am grateful that deadlines are getting met, invoices written, cheques cut, and children fed.

I am grateful for the geography of my life. A cab ride home is the same cost as parking downtown for the day, and walking in the morning is an entirely feasible thing to do.

I am grateful I got home in time to read some stories to my boys, tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. Added bonus: I was also home in time for my spouse to get a much needed break to go for a walk with a friend.

Gratefulness Day 17

I am grateful for all the opportunity I have right now. Mine is a feast or famine gig. Sometimes I am fearful there’s not enough opportunity, but right now I have so much that some of the opportunities I have are frankly scaring the bejeezez out of me.

I am grateful we have found adequate care for Cooper during the current teachers strike.

I am grateful for the pie that my lovely spouse brought me from the pie place at the Victoria Public Market. So good!

Gratefulness Day 16


I am grateful I live in an age where I get to chat online with my brother just about every day despite about 1000 Km, the Georgia Straight and the Rocky Mountains between us. I am even more grateful I have a brother who is willing to do so.

I am grateful for the lunch date I enjoyed with Julie today. Nice to use our daily childcare for something other than just work.

I am grateful for the rainbow that showed up just after it stopped raining and before I hopped on my bike to ride home.

Gratefulness Day 15

I am grateful for good friends over eating good food with us. A casual dinner hosted at home, particularly with some kids over, is just great for us these days.

I am grateful for WordPress. It really is a delight to work with, and that’s what I do nearly all the time I am at work these days. It’s even better because it’s open source, which give me hope for the world.

I am grateful for small victories. I bought a new chain and cassette (that’s the collection of gears on the back wheel) for my bike. I installed them, and I adjusted the whole drivetrain through a fair amount of trial and error. It’s humming along smoothly now. It wouldn’t feel as good while I ride if someone else had done that. Know why? Victory. That’s why.