Gratitude – my kids and neighbours, sunny day, leg recovery


I am grateful for my neighbours, who brought over chocolates for my kids last week. How nice is that? And the boys loved them. Those boxes were opened every night after dinner when they got to choose one until they were gone.

I am grateful for a nice sunny day, with kids playing on the lawn for a bit.

I am grateful for steady progress on recovery for my leg. Today I felt mostly like a functional human being – I bet it feels even more normal tomorrow.

Gratitude – Julie, laptop-based work, my kids,

I am grateful for Julie, who again took one for the team, solo parenting with the kids on a trip to Sidney so I could lie around in bed and hope my leg might start to feel better.

I am grateful for my job, which can be performed anywhere wifi and my laptop are, for example in bed when I am hoping my leg might start to feel better. I conquered a fair chunk of work today, and it was the part that I like to do – the part where I am making stuff on a computer.

I am grateful for my kids, both of whom can be so sweet. Both had their moments today that one might not be grateful for, but when they were snuggled up on the couch together watching a movie with me tonight, when they were frolicking in the bath, when Cooper asked for my hand while Farley snuggled up on my lap at bedtime, that stuff is priceless, and I get lots of it all the time. If that’s not nice, what is?

Gratitude – Hot water, clearing the decks, slow recovery

I am grateful for hot water, and now, as much as I want, heated by cheap natural gas instead of expensive electricity. As part of our renovation, the on-demand gas tankless water heater was hooked up today. It’s not a lot different at the faucet. Frankly when you are standing there about to wash your hands, it’s maybe a bit worse. It takes a little longer to warm up (not much longer, maybe 10 or 15 seconds). I like thinking of how efficient that is though, and I think it will be significantly better on that front than the 57 year old hot water tank we started this shindig with. I also like that laundry will no longer have any bearing on when we can take showers.

I am grateful for some productive time at my computer today. I’ve managed to clear through a bunch of little tasks that have been keeping me from the big meaty projects I’ve got to get done in the next few weeks, and that’s a relief, because not getting to them has been stressing me out a bit.

I am grateful for recovery, albeit slower than I’d like, from whatever is going on in my left knee. I’m still moving slow, but I’m a bit quicker than I was yesterday and it doesn’t hurt as much as it did then, either.


Gratitude – Julie, physiotherapy, farley

I am grateful for Julie. I am in the midst of a some quadriceps tendonitis, and I haven’t been of much use today. She’s been picking up a lot of slack.

I am grateful for physiotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to do to feel better before my appointment today, and now I am. This is a good thing.

I am grateful for a nice evening with Farley tonight. Julie took Coop to Beavers, so it was just me and Farl for a few hours. That doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, it was nice to soak him up.

Gratitude – dinner with friends, the international space station, Farley’s pooping pride.

I am grateful for a evening with friends at their house tonight.

I grateful that while there, we got to see the international space station fly over the sky from one end to the other. I was tipped off by another friend who signed up for alerts for that kind of thing at NASA’s website.

I am grateful for Farley’s enthusiasm at telling everyone at daycare that he pooped on the potty last night. Go Farley!

Podcast – Radiolab Football

I am not really a sports fan. I don’t really like playing them, I really don’t like watching them. I enjoy the occaisional minor league baseball game, but for me it’s really about the sitting outside hanging out with whomever I am with rather than the game itself.

So I was surprised when I found the Radiolab Podcast about the history and current state of American Football to be so compelling.

If your looking for an interesting listen, then look no further:

Gratitude – Sun, quiet office, family

I am grateful for a warm sunny day. Victoria is known for it’s mild climate in Canada, but while there isn’t a lot of snow, it’s usually pretty grey and cloudy even when it’s not raining in the wintertime. Today it was bright with blue skies, and if that’s not nice, I don’t know what is.

I am grateful for a solitary, quiet experience at my desk today. TGIM.

I am grateful for the opposite of that experience with our kids tonight. For some reason, perhaps even just the weather, everyone was in a good mood. Lego was assembled; tickle fights were battled; lost, and won; dinner was simple faire and enjoyed by all the 4 of us relatively whine and scream free at the table tonight. It was one of those nights that will someday become the good old days.

Gratitude – good weather, lazy weekend, cleaner house

I am grateful for nice weather. It’s starting to feel like spring; like a sweater isn’t always necessary; like one can make plans to do things outside and have them work out okay.

I am grateful for a lazy weekend. It’s been busy around here the last while. We didnt do much of anything this weekend and that was nice.

And by not do much of anything, I mean I tried to clean up as much as I could as fast as I could. So I am also grateful for a tidy house, or at least a house that is much tidier than it was on Friday afternoon.

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Gratitude – croci, summit park, eagles










I am grateful for crocuses blooming. Today we went for a walk, we saw lots, starting in our front yard.

I am grateful for summit park, where we went for a walk today. It’s pretty there.

I am grateful for bald eagles. We heard a strange bird call, and a woman in the park said it was the eagles in the cel tower. Apparently they were there last year, and a bit later in the spring there were eaglets, too. Here’s hopin’ we get some eaglets there this year, too.