I am grateful for fun times with family today.

I am grateful for time on, in, and beside Elk lake today.

I am grateful for a canoe voyage with Julie’s cousin Kerry and my nephew Henry (really, 2nd cousin-in-law, but I am going to go with nephew).

I am grateful for a takeout supper by the hotel pool.

I am grateful for 4 kids playing and swimming together all day, morning until night, until both Farley and Coop were both telling me they were tired and ready for bed.


I am grateful for our backyard.

I am grateful for time at the studio today.

I am grateful for visiting family, with cousin type kids to hang out with ours. They’ve come from far and wide: Kansas City, Sacremento, and Seattle. They are all great people, and serve as proof that I married well.

I am grateful for hotels with pools and water slides.


I am grateful for our air conditioner. I spent a good part of the day working on my laptop in bed, because that’s where the air conditioner is. I could not think when I was at my desk, where my thermometer read 28 Celsius.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie.

I  grateful for an evening spent in the backyard. We cooked on the bbq, ate out there, watched kids play on the swing, and lolligaged in a hammock. It was too hot to be inside, but it was nice to be out back.


I am grateful for breakfast with my boys. I made omelette muffins.

I am grateful for a productive day.

I am grateful for construction adhesive. I used it today to install some transitions for the new floor. It’s great stuff!

I am grateful for our babysitter, and for time spent in the studio, and for a painting completed and another begun.



I finished another painting today, based on a photo I took in the morning just after waking up on Sombrio Beach from a good sleep after the last day of our hike on the Juan de Fuca Trail.

I took a photo each time I left the studio, you can see the progress here:


I am grateful for a day without much rushing around. I got lots done, but I was working alone, quietly, and on no-one’s timeline but my own.

I am grateful for an apple gallette brought to me from Coombs by friends who travelled there recently.


I am grateful for my brother, who came out for a couple days to help me install flooring.

I am grateful for his appreciation for that painting I made. Giving it to him is the very least I can do. I bet he’s going to spend more hours helping me with my project this weekend than I spent painting that thing.

I am grateful for some pretty skies and mountains this evening.

I am grateful for another day that Julie  showed the kids a great time, while I spent the day causing distruption in our home. I heard that  there were some ups and downs, but Coop declared it the best weekend ever, and I think they made some great memories today.

I am grateful for Stranger Things. We watched the final episode tonight. I enjoyed the whole series, and I really hope there’s a season 2.


I am grateful for progress on the flooring project today, and a little less havoc here. The laundry machines are no longer in the foyer, and the kids room is done (except for trim), and their stuff is back where it’s supposed to be.

I am grateful for Julie, who took the kids via top deck on s double decker to exotic Langford, where they swam in the pool and dined on burgers before heading back to town to partake in bangra dancing at the Indian cultural festival at centennial square. I wish I was there too, but I was much more productive working at home without the usual crowd.


I am grateful for a cusston of work done flooring in my house today. We got most of the hard parts done, which is good, because after today I don’t have my carpenter helping anymore. He has, however, shown me what I need to know to get it all done, and I am chuffed about doing so with my bro, who arrives to help me on Sunday. Awesome!

I am grateful for Family Fun Night: Cooper’s pick, we went to Mr. Tubbs, where kids learn about the value of gambling through midway games of skill and chance (but mostly chance) that issue tickets to be exchanged for plastic trinkets, and also, there’s ice cream. Fun times!