Gratitide – tea party, piano, Farley day



I am grateful that there ain’t no party like my Nana’s tea party.

I am grateful for a whole mess of music on our Vancouver trip, and for the moment captured in the image above of my boys with their eldest cousin at the piano.

I am grateful my dad was able to come over for a while today so I could get some phone calls and email in. Farley was at home today. I’m grateful for the day I had with that fella, but I am also grateful he’ll be back in care and I’ll be back at work tomorrow. Win-win!

Gratitide – home, sleep, Vancouver peeps.

I am grateful to be home.

I am grateful for a great sleep last night. Night number 1 at Nana and Pop’s house? Well, who could expect to sleep with all that excitement! The boys had us up on 3 occasions on night 1, so on night 2, I headed to bed a bit earlier, around 11pm. The next time my eyes opened was at 8am. My boys rarely sleep past 7:30 on a weekend. It was awesome and unexpected to have such a great sleep.

I am grateful for all my great Vancouver peeps, all of whom who weren’t related to me by marriage I completely ignored on this trip. Driving around in the place I used to call home made me painfully aware of all the friends I’d like to see in Vancouver. Perhaps I will in the next few months.

Grateful – happy mother in law, eggs Benedict, cheescake

I am grateful for a very happy mother in law, surrounded by lots of grandkids and family in general, smiling ear to ear while we had a singalong of songs she’d requested accompanied by piano and ukulele. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful for successful execution and warm reception of eggs Benedict served to 11 people that I made this morning.

I am grateful for cheesecake from Trafalgar’s on 16th. Vancouverites who like cheesecake, take note.

Gratitide – kids, IKEA, my other in law

I am grateful for some great child behaviour today. We not only were on the ferry, but we also went straight to Ikea for what turned into a 4 hour visit. There were a few tantrums, but most were mine.

I am grateful I don’t have to go to Ikea very often.

I am grateful for my mother in law, who’s 70th birthday I’ve come to Vancouver to celebrate. I’m a lucky man in many ways, not the least of which is scoring in the mother in law department. She is one of the most generous, helpful, fun, and family loving people I know. I don’t know a lot of people that describe their mothers-in-law that way, but I do!

Gratitude – folks, victory, and sleep

I am grateful for my folks, who spoil us rotten. Thursdays are usually tricky, after work we pick up both kids and get home around 5:20 if we’re doing really well, and then at least one parent is out the door with at least one kid at 5:45 so Coop can be at Beavers at 6:00. Today the folks picked up fish and chips, as well as Coop, so we all met at home much earlier with a delicious dinner ready to go. Score!

I am grateful for all programming victories. I put aside some time to just fool around with the Google Maps API, WordPress and ajax calls. It’s really fun when you have an idea and can just make it work.

I am grateful for an early bedtime. We
Have a big few days ahead, it’s nice to think there’s a good chance of a good night’s sleep right now.

Gratitude – snowdrops, biking, self employment, TV


I am grateful for snowdrops we found coming up on an obscure corner of our backyard that is too often overlooked.

I am grateful for bike riding. There was a hiatus there, but I am back at it and it feels great, particularly in the morning when Coop is riding beside me on his strider bike and Farley is sitting in his seat behind me.

I am grateful for new business opportunities. Being my own boss has lots of advantages. Lots of disadvantages too. There are things to enjoy about the twisty up and down road it has become. I never know what new opportunities might come from my efforts, but they present themselves frequently enough that it makes self employment a rewarding and exciting experience at times.

I am grateful for an hour of TV after the kids are in bed and lunches are made, even if it is while I distractedly thumb type a blog post.

Gratitude – sushi, podcasts, chutzpah

I am grateful for lunch yesterday. I had takeout sushi from Fujiya, drove to the parking lot at the top of Mount Tolmie where there is a great view), and ate while listening to a really great first episode of what promises to be a great podcast. It doesn’t take much for me to experience the sublime.

I am grateful for a nice dinner out with the folks, and for great behaviour from
My kids at said dinner out. Restaurants with kids is an experience that can go haywire. Tonight it didn’t.

I am grateful to my own self for having the chutzpah to return a steak to the kitchen. I’m the kind of guy who would usually let that go and chock it up to a new culinary experience. Fact is though, a medium rare steak is far preferable to me than well done, and I enjoyed it way more that way.

Gratitude – no more tree, folks, slow cooker

I am grateful our Christmas tree is finally down. It’s always a little sad to see them go, but the extra space in the living room is nice.

I am grateful my folks came around for dinner tonight. Julie was out, it makes it a lot more fun for the kids, and therefor easier for me.

I am grateful for the slow cooker. It was nice to come home and have dinner ready to go, just like that.

Gratitude – Farley, visitors, family


I am grateful for Farley, asleep on my shoulder, for most of his nap today.

I am grateful for an unexpected visit from a buddy of mine and his two kiddos, then another unexpected visit with a neighbour who I hadn’t met yet who lives a few doors down the street. There is nothing like unexpected visits like these to make you realize you’ve got community around you.

I am grateful for family visiting. My folks came over for a fairly regular un-fancy meal, but having them there makes it feel like a big occasion. It is a big occasion, actually, especially for my kids.