Photographic Evidence of Pregnancy

It’s getting hard to not to be excited. There is now photographic evidence of the wee one.


The grey blob in the green oval is an ultrasound image of our fetus. Good thing I am not a ultrasound tech, because I would have presumed it to be a half-digested lima bean. Nonetheless, the REAL technician identified a heartbeat, purring along at 175 bpm. I think anxiety wise, Cletus the fetus might take after it’s father.

We were so excited we had some photos taken at a quaint little studio in the corner of the Mayfair Mall food court.


A good day was had by all. Fingers are still firmly crossed, and all good vibes are still appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence of Pregnancy

  1. We are so excited!!  All 3 of you are in our prayers.  What about the baby’s bedroom?  When will it be ready?

    Congratulations, you two! Super happy for you. The resemblance is stunning. Cletus is already one hot little tamale!

    Big love from the Adams clan.

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