Pre-election Rant

I am about to rant against the Harper government. You’ve been warned.

Here’s the thing, no matter the positions or credentials of the politicians, if they don’t respect the process of government, they shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of it.

I’m pretty left wing by nature, but even if I held the same political views as the Conservatives I wouldn’t vote for them.

And that’s because over and over in the last decade the Harper government has shown a blatant lack of respect for the process of democracy in our country. Being held in contempt of parliament, proroguing parliament, election fraud, forcing omnibus bills through without opportunity for parliamentary debate, and muzzling scientists are examples. 

In government, no matter how much you believe in your agenda, it’s wrong to subvert the political process. The end does not justify the means. These are not issues of left vs. right. They are much bigger than that.

I’m hopeful that in this election we’ll see the end of the Harper regime, if not the Conservative one, too. And I hope thereafter conservatives pick a leader I can respect and admire, even if I disagree with their policies. Another Joe Clark, perhaps, or a Diefenbaker.

No matter who gets in, I want a Canada where the opposition is given a chance to review and debate legislation before it’s law: where if democratically elected representatives want to form a coalition, they can do so; where I’m compelled to vote for things I believe in, and not strategically because of things I am against; and where politicians and policies are selected based upon the will of the people.

Please consider not just the positions on policy, but also the record of our Harper government before you vote.

And even if you aren’t swayed by what I’ve just written, no matter who you want to vote for, VOTE! I think any change in this country is going to start with a government that knows its accountable to an involved public. if you think like me, I want you to vote so our voice is heard. If you don’t, I still want you to vote so at least I know the folks in power are there legitimately.
*   *   *

I’ve seen too much disrespect and abuse in social media and the blogosphere around this campaign, from all sides.

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Many of my friends and family are Conservative voters. If you are Conservative and read this far, I want you to know I respect your opinion, and I thank you for reading about mine.

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