Summertime in Victoria

So far, summertime in Victoria is pretty good. Work-wise, I have been chanting a mantra lately of “bring it off”, and it’s because I want weekends, and to leave the office at 5:00, even if it isn’t every day, maybe just once in a while!

And it has been working. In the last 4 weekends we’ve been camping for 3 of them. This coming weekend, we might just make that 4 for 5. The van makes it easy, and we are getting our camping systems down, but the real kick for us ex-Vancouverites is that in Friday rush hour traffic, it takes about 40 minutes to get from downtown to the nearest provincial campground. when there isn’t any traffic, it’s more like 25 minutes. Granted, the nightlife scene in the middle of Victoria is much akin to the nightlife scene in the middle of the woods, but there’s a flipside to that token.

I have started to go sea kayaking after work with some guys at the office. Get this – from my desk, I get up, take the elevator downstairs, walk down the block and around the corner, and that’s where the kayak place is.  A mere $20 bill gets you a boat and the necessary gear from 5:00 til 8:00pm. I went last week, and again this week, and I think I am going to try for once a week as long as the weather is pleasant enough to keep it enjoyable.

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