Gratitude – Thetis lake, tantrum recovery, Farley’s Groot



I am grateful for a nice rainy hike at Thetis lake today.

I am grateful that Coop recovered nicely from a five alarm, full volume, no-drill, 15 minute tantrum. Holy cuss, he was dishing it out, but after a while he calmed down and we were able to enjoy a nice walk.

I am grateful for Farley’s Groot impersonation.

Grateful – Doug Englebart,farley penguin,leftovers

I am grateful for Doug Englebart. I am also grateful for podcasts, and in this instance for 99% Invisible, because that’s where I learned that Doug Englebart is the person responsible for bringing us the computer mouse. These days, it seems superfluous to say “computer mouse” instead of just “mouse”, but in 1964 it was a much more abstract concept than the commonplace, every-day object it is now. Doug Englebart was the kind of visionary that started something that helped make the world what it is today, even if it’s not exactly as he intended to at the time. Listening to that podcast on my bike ride home, my mind was blown, and for that I am grateful. You should hook yourself up with the podcast too, IMHO. Also in that episode: the term “grunt and point interface” to describe the kind of caveman brain type interactivity the mouse provides us. Pure awesome, that!

I am grateful for Farley, who likes to be baby penguin now. No more big boy turtle. Penguin, and baby penguin, particularly. A big boy penguin, he is NOT. The penguin metaphor is a nice one for me, because it’s the Papa penguins that snuggle up and incubate the eggs, and after they hatch, they keep snuggling the little penguin babies. True story.

I am grateful for leftovers, because after a long busy day, I was in no mood to cook, and they were delicious.



Gratitide – tea party, piano, Farley day



I am grateful that there ain’t no party like my Nana’s tea party.

I am grateful for a whole mess of music on our Vancouver trip, and for the moment captured in the image above of my boys with their eldest cousin at the piano.

I am grateful my dad was able to come over for a while today so I could get some phone calls and email in. Farley was at home today. I’m grateful for the day I had with that fella, but I am also grateful he’ll be back in care and I’ll be back at work tomorrow. Win-win!

Gratitude – snowdrops, biking, self employment, TV


I am grateful for snowdrops we found coming up on an obscure corner of our backyard that is too often overlooked.

I am grateful for bike riding. There was a hiatus there, but I am back at it and it feels great, particularly in the morning when Coop is riding beside me on his strider bike and Farley is sitting in his seat behind me.

I am grateful for new business opportunities. Being my own boss has lots of advantages. Lots of disadvantages too. There are things to enjoy about the twisty up and down road it has become. I never know what new opportunities might come from my efforts, but they present themselves frequently enough that it makes self employment a rewarding and exciting experience at times.

I am grateful for an hour of TV after the kids are in bed and lunches are made, even if it is while I distractedly thumb type a blog post.

Gratitude – Seuss, reno, and woah woah woah

I am grateful for Cooper, who, in the middle of reading Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss tonight, announced he’d like to pause for a bathroom break by saying this: “I’m going to go poo, that’s just what I’ll do!”

I am grateful for some big reno progress this last few days. It’s a flurry of activity down there. 3 windows are now in, electrical and plumbing are getting closer and closer, and watching contractors come and go is akin to watching bees at the entrance to their hive.

I am grateful for Farley, who after picking him up and flipping him around and tickling him like I do sometimes do demanded “MORE WOAH WOAH WOAH!” when I put him down.

Gratitude – Benny’s spaceship and Farley Turtle


I am grateful I’m getting over the plague that has now affected everyone else in the house. Barring any miracles, I’ll also be grateful for an unplanned extra day at home tomorrow, if not for my own sake than for theirs. Although really, how bad is it to sit around and watch tv and build legos and hold cuddly sick 2 year olds all day? If you can let go of the inevitable payback that awaits with an overcrowded to-do list once you get back to work, not bad at all, really.

I am grateful that Coop decided to purchase a “Benny’s Spaceship” kit, from the Lego Movie. I dig that it’s a throwback to the lego of my generation (behold, the Galaxy Explorer). Also, it’s going to give Coop and I something to do tomorrow. Also, Julie managed to find the kit used, or at least, previously gifted to a kid who is getting to old for lego and was selling it on, so Coop got a great deal. Score!

I am grateful for Farley, who was really uncomfortable today – Achy, snotty and fevery. He mostly just wanted to cuddle up on someone’s lap, and often it was mine. When he wants to do that he says he wants to be “Farley turtle”, with either a Mama or Papa turtle. He used to like to pretend to be a host of different kinds of animal babies, but he’s pretty much settled on turtles now. Enough that he just comes and says “Farley Turtle” and we know what he means. It’s also no longer acceptable to be “Baby Turtle”. Accepted names are “Big Boy Turtle” and “Farley Turtle”


Gratitude – 2014 and inspiration

I am grateful for 2014. There are a lot of things about 2014 I will take with me, and will cherish as long as I can. A great trip to California with family. Coop’s first experiences at school. Our first whole summer in our new house. Farley’s last moments of babyhood (although both will always be my babies, just a little bit). There are other parts of 2014 I am grateful I can move past and leave behind; I like to cherry pick my memories. That’s a big part of what this blog is about.

I am grateful for inspiration. I rarely anticipate from whence it will come. My kids had a playdate today with a family we’re just getting to know. When they were pregnant the dad realized the job he’d had for the previous 13 years involved lots of travel, and that wasn’t going to allow him be at home as much as he’d like. So, he went from being a hobby chocolatier to being a full-time pro. His chocolate is amazing, his passion for what he does is too. His leap of faith is what really gets me, though. He pretty much just said “Cuss it! I’m going to make chocolate now” (I am paraphrasing). He googled up what he needed to know to start, and then and learned the rest by trial and error. He was proudly showing me machines today that he designed and built for processing cocoa beans. He didn’t find or buy plans, he just built the dang thing. And his chocolate is AMAZING. I don’t have leap of faith I’d really like to make right now, but hearing and seeing this story first hand makes me realize one can just make stuff like that happen, and starts me down a road where I see more possibilities. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful for some good news that came my way today about someone I care deeply about. It’s not public information just now, and I don’t want to reveal any more than that on the interwebs. I’m sorry, dear reader, to be all cryptic like that. Here’s the thing: I’m very grateful for this news, and as weird as this paragraph might read, it would feel weirder to me if I didn’t mention it at all on this, my blog about being grateful.

Gratitude – lego building

I am grateful for Coop’s Jedi Scout Fighter Lego set that Santa brought. We’ve been building it over the last few days. My job has been to offer moral support and to help find the pieces for the next step. It’s fun. Someday, I’ll miss it, but today, I can just enjoy it.

I am grateful for the folks at Harbord Insurance at Fairfield Plaza, who sent out a letter that coincided with my reminder letter from ICBC that said if I sent them a scanned copy of my ICBC reminder, I could cruise on in, skip any line, sign a few papers, pay with my credit card and be on my way. With a 2 and a 6 year old in tow, that’s a great service, and it was the quickest auto insurance renewal I’ve ever experienced.

I am grateful that Farley managed a nap today; not an easy feat considering we were out all day doing errands.

Gratitude – hill climbing and geocaching


I am grateful for a nice morning and afternoon, with my kids, and two of their pals, including a successful hill climbing and geocaching expedition.

I am grateful for turkey pot pies, one in my belly and another in my freezer.

I am grateful for a moment when the floor was tidy and vacuumed this morning, then another when the kitchen was clean in the early afternoon. It might have been nice if the two moments coincided, or if they lasted longer than 45 minutes or so, but I’ll take what I can get.