Gratitude day 83

I am grateful for this technique you can use to make poached eggs ahead of time, by undercooking them slightly and keeping them refrigerated after putting them in ice water. I am making eggs bendict for a crowd tomorow, and I just poached all the eggs and cleaned up. One less thing to worry about. Sweet!

I am grateful for a fun day with my family, brother, niece and nephew at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. It seemed easier (and cheaper) than some of the bigger attractions, like Legoland and the Zoo, and it fit the bill nicely for what we all wanted to do today.

I am grateful for my folks, who took care of all 4 grandkids (aged 2-8) so that my spouse, my brother, my sister in-law and myself could all go out for appetizers and drinks during happy hour at a bar by the beach. It was great to be childless adults for a bit, after being pretty much full on with kids doing kid stuff for the past number of days.

Gratitude day 82

I am grateful for a day without my phone. It ran out of battery power, and I left it that way, intentionally, for a good long while.

I am grateful for in and out burger, and particularly, the dinner my brother and sister-in-law bought for everyone from there. Thanks, Paul and Gina!

I am grateful for extended family (2 second cousins, once removed, and their spouses) here. Makes San Diego feel like home. Or maybe it would feel like that anyway. It’s pretty dang nice here.

Gratitude day 77



I am grateful to Tigger, who fully reciprocated a for real hug from Farley

I am grateful to my brother, for a swell trip to Space Mountain and a dang fine pedron margarita.

I am grateful to Julie, who had both my boys while I went on Space Mountain and enjoyed a dang fine margarita with my brother.

I am grateful to my folks, who made this whole trip possible.