This is my Baseline

Are you familar with the video blog of Ze Frank? There was one entry that resonated with me that you can find here. In it he talks about how it’s a good idea to check in with yourself and figure out which version of you showed up today. He calls it finding your baseline, and I need to do that today.

My apartment is messy and yet unpacked. It’s frustrating trying to find a place for everything. One of our goals is to not own anything we don’t have a place for. Right now, I think things with places are the exception, not the rule. It’s getting better, but I wish the progress was faster. Moving really makes one understand that ownership of something is not always an asset. In fact, it is frequently a liability.

I walked to work today. Since moving, I walk to work most days. I think I’ve only driven 2 or 3 times so far this month. Weather is getting nicer, and the walk clears my head before the day starts, not to mention the obvious health benefits. Yesterday I woke up, trying to figure out what that feeling was in my lungs. I couldn’t place it. It felt familiar and good. My lungs feel bigger. They feel more like they did when I was younger.

I spend about $5 every day on coffee. That adds up.

Work without travel is starting to feel normal. Projects I take on now aren’t necessarily bigger, but they do tend to be longer. The urgency isn’t there to meet a hard deadline fast. I have more concurrent projects, each taking up less attention. The good news is I’m finding it easier to leave work at the office when I go home at the end of the day, and that is what I really wanted to accomplish. I’m sitting at my desk right now, thinking about the first step in managing the concurrent projects I have. I am looking forward to narrowing my attention to one of them for a while, before I meet a milestone and switch to the next.

I had my best tax season ever. Not that I like paying tax, quite the opposite, but this year my accountant told me I was the first to get all my stuff to him, and that never happens. I dislike “doing” taxes more than paying them. It’s one thing to have to pay a big bill. It is quite another to spend days and weeks trying to get familiar enough with a very complicated system to feel confident enough to apply your interpretation of it to your specific situation. That houseplant you bought for the office but then took home, is it an office expense, office supply, or neither? It depends on your interpretation, like how the meaning of an interpretive dance does. Over the course of the last year I made it my goal to make the whole process of taxes as easy for myself as I could. When February rolled around, I already had pretty much all my documents sorted and ready to go – this was a first for me and now I’m all proud of myself.

I’m healthy. I’m frustrated with my never-ending move. I’m settling in to a new strategy with my business, but still a little rattled by the change. I’m on a self-esteem high because I managed my tax challenge effectively. I’m in the mood to focus on work and get lost in it for a while.

This is my baseline.

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