Weekend in Vancouver

I was in Vancouver over the last weekend. It has been a while. More than a month since the last time I made the trip

It was a whirlwind tour, seeing as many friends and business contacts as I could, and also attending some meetings at Langara. Visiting Vancouver is rewarding, but exhausting work and pleasure for me. I didn’t get to call or see everyone I wanted to – Months after our moving date, the move is still hard.

It’s hard to believe I don’t live there anymore. Seeing the fall leaves blowing around downtown and feeling the wind a little chillier is a familiar experience for me in Vancouver. It felt like late September should. It was nice to feel so at home, even in this place that really isn’t home anymore.

It’s easier to feel at home in Vancouver than it was a few weeks ago. This is because Victoria also feels like home now, even if the seasons are just different enough to be a little mysterious. the last time I came to Vancouver, it was tragic to have to leave it behind for Victoria. Now I look forward to the uninterrupted 1 hour and 35 minute period I have with my computer in the workstation on the ferry, and the motorcycle ride home on number 17 highway that leads me to Bay St, and our bed in the living room.

As time goes on, it feels less like I left the home we made in Vancouver for Victoria, and more like we’re just making our home territory bigger. To say that taking the ferry over is easy is untrue – it isn’t. It’s over $100 for the return trip with a car, and it takes 6 hours out of your life there and back. That said, it feels close, and making the trip is definitely worth it. I look forward to my next one.




3 thoughts on “Weekend in Vancouver

  1. What about your great breakfast at the Homer. Talk about being at “Home” – top that in Victoria. Where else can you get corned beef hash like that?

  2. There is nowhere else on earth one can get corned beef hash like you can at the Homer. Can’t top the soft-serve ice cream at the Beacon Hill Drive-in in Victoria (just ask Joe!), nor can you top the milkshakes at Peter’s Drive-in in Calgary. If I can’t be in all these cities at once, then I’ll just have to expand my definition of home.

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