This is just video of my baby sleeping. A little bit of voiceover from his mom. Not very exciting, but I could watch this guy sleep forever.

Okay, not forever. I meant to watch Cooper while Julie was in the shower, but I became a participant observer.

I should also note that there are more photos up of the little man here .

5 thoughts on “YouCoop

  1. Hooray!!!!!  How old is Cooper? He looks quite new. I just read my comment on your blog almost exactly a year ago saying I knew it would happen for you and here he is!  I’m sooooooooo pleased for you! My second baby boy was 6 months old on the 19th December.  Lots and lots of love and congratulations to you three.  Julie, you look so beautiful in the one photo I could find of you. Well done, you clever woman x

  2. OH MY GOD!!!  I just found your blog and am soSoSO excited to see you guys with Cooper on the outside.  YEAH!  We can’t wait to see you all in person.

    Big love from Calgary.

  3. Hi Mike, Julie and Cooper!!

    CAn’t remember if we wrote something on here already, but we wanted to congratulate you both on the arrival of your gorgeous baby boy!!! Nice work!!

    Wishing you both lots of sleep!!! (ba ha hahaaa)
    All the best
    Nicola, GRaham, James, Mads and Bump the III

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