A big (for me anyway) project that I worked on over the summer has launched. It’s called, and it’s a site that is about creating T-shirt designs by and for people who are concerned about global issues.

The site boasts many features, some of which were implemented during some very late at nights after last summer’s long days.

The list includes:

  • a forum blog
  • classified ads
  • an online store
  • design submission uploading
  • a contest and voting system
  • search functionality
  • membership management

Essentially the business model for this website is this:

  1. Get as many designers and artists as possible who are riled up about global issues of all sorts to create and submit t-shirt designs.
  2. Get as many people as possible to vote on those T-shirt designs, scoring them from 1-10.
  3. Pick out the most popular designs, reproduce them on T-shirts using ethical fibre, labour, and printing techniques
  4. Sell them to as many concerned citizens as possible through an on-line store.

We’ll see how it goes. The site has been in beta since the end of last year, and it’s acquiring members and designs exponentially as time goes on. This is a good sign, and hopefully it will continue.

At any rate, we’re all very proud of it here at BigMike Studios, which is to say I am proud of it, and it was great working with (and continuing to work with) the team assembled, which included the nice folks at my former employer and now client, ShowMakers Productions, and my compadre and office-mate, Robert Aitken of Kazoo-Studios.

Mexico Trip

I was in Mexico over the holidays. My very generous Grandmother sponsored a trip to a 5 star, all-inclusive resort for myself and the rest of her progeny. There were 23 of us in total, and I for one had a really great time.

Highlights included

  • A round of Golf at Puerto Aventuras
  • Ziplining in a cenote
  • Swimming in an underground cave
  • The Swim up bar
  • Trying to keep up at the discotheque with my 8 cousins, aged 16-22 years.
  • Visiting Chichen Itza with the whole fam-dam, including my Grandmother, for whom this visit completed her homage to all 7 of the new wonders of the world
  • Snorkeling with Turtles in Akumal bay
  • Learning to windsurf

The best part, however, was just hanging out with my relatives. Of the 23 people who were there, Julie and I are the only ones who don’t live in Calgary. It was a bigger treat for us in that way. It was nice to spend an extended period of time with everyone. Usually we only see them in big family gatherings. It was much more relaxed when we were all sitting by the pool sipping on a pina coladas for days than when we are all gussied up for Christmas dinner and trying to pack all the visiting into a few hours. I don’t have a problem with Christmas dinner, mind you. It’s just that the pool for days with the pina coladas has a different and very pleasant vibe as well.

And I write this now having been home for a week. My brother calls what we are now experiencing the “all-exclusive” lifestyle.

It was a rude awakening on my first day back at work. I got out of the car after parking it and stood mystified in front of the ticket dispenser. I had no wallet and no cash. I hadn’t really carried my wallet or any cash for two weeks. It seemed odd that I couldn’t just show the ticket dispenser my wristband to prove my innate parking rights. After pondering my situation for a minute or two, I realized there was no other option than to go home and get the wallet. Such is life in this cruel, real world. Nobody parks for free during the day on Fisgard street.