Thinghood to Personhood

We had an ultrasound this morning. Here are some photos of our wee baby boy!


This one is just the foot. Near as I could tell, I counted 10 fingers and 10 toes.


Here is a creepy photo of our fetus’s skull. Nothing about that sentence, nor this image, isn’t creepy, but look how adorable!


It’s a trip.

We’re pretty much all on board with this little feller (now a confirmed accurate description). We were standoffish before – we worried about the let down if something went wrong. It occurs to me more and more though – parenthood involves a lot of worrying, and that’s probably just the way it is. All I seem able to do is to have faith it will all turn out okay, whatever that means, and to do what I can to make sure everything is okay for now. This morning, I saw everything was okay. Next week, I might start to wonder again. The realization I’ve had though, is that when this child is born, that’s just a whole new set of worries to consider.

The likelihood of a problem with this pregnancy is getting more and more remote. And we saw it moving around. The poor technician was chasing it all over in Julie’s womb. I’ve seen photos like these before, but watching the head turn back and forth, seeing the arm go up to touch it’s head, seeing the legs move made this thing more and more person like.

Oddly, so does knowing the gender. Seeing the images of the fetus move makes me see it as more of a person. Being able to add the personal pronoun, “he” instead of “it” makes him much more personlike also. I’d like to think that knowing the gender wouldn’t make that difference so apparent, but it really does. To a degree, knowing whether it is a girl or a boy is the difference between accepting it as a person rather than a thing. Maybe this represents something I need to work on, maybe it’s something our culture needs to work on, or maybe it’s fine to attach personhood to gender. Food for thought. I don’t think I’ll be able to solve that one today.

In any event, it pleases me to know any more detail about this little guy, and I can’t wait to meet him in person!